Home Sports A Brand dribble for the ambitious Milan Daldello launches Porro “Cunning Talent”

A Brand dribble for the ambitious Milan Daldello launches Porro “Cunning Talent”

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The 38-year-old from San Pelajo will have to make the former orogranata grow “Treviso remains a milestone in my career”


Born in 1983, Nicola Daldello is one of the most experienced players in the volleyball Superlega championship. Produced by the Treviso volleyball nursery, he spends words of praise precisely for the orogranate society and suffers from nostalgia, like all sports fans of Treviso volleyball, when it comes to Sisley. As a setter, he will return to the field tomorrow for the away match in Piacenza. Milan got off to a great start by beating 3-2 at Monza two weeks ago, after observing the rest. Under his protective wing, Daldello took over the Milanese’s other director, Paolo Porro, the under 18 world champion two years ago and 2021 this year, who grew up with Volley Treviso and ended up in Milan after a season in Modena. Nicola won the Club World Cup with Trento in 2018. The year after a Cev cup with Trento and then the Challenge Cup with Milan, in the hot sports hall of Ankara, after a well-played final. Now a veteran, he began to win international trophies, but never the Scudetto.He is a “nomad” of men’s volleyball: after Treviso he played with Oderzo, Anaune, Pineto, Bedizzole, Correggio, Cortona, Perugia, Sora, Città di Castello, Milan, Trentino and then again Milan. Experiences that made him grow.

Daldello, how do you judge the start of this season, where Milan will have to confirm itself at the top?

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«Too bad we didn’t take the field on the first day. But then we beat Monza in a good match. However, the Italian Super Cup stop forced us to stop again ».

How did the preparation go?

“We trained well, integrating the athletes who took part in both the senior European championship and the under 21 World Cup”.

What are the goals of Milan in a tournament where the competition seems to have grown towards the top?

«Milan is an ambitious team, and in my opinion they will fight with various famous teams. We will set the objectives along the way, with the passing of the season ».

You, from Treviso, this year welcomed into the team a great talent from the orogranata nursery, who covers the same role as you, Paolo Porro. What do you think of him?

“All the best possible. Paolo is talented and in my opinion he has an important gift for boys of his age. He’s shrewd in the right place, and that can make a difference. He also grew up at Volley Treviso, which is not bad ».

Why is the environment of Volley Treviso an added value?

«They work well with young people, keep them down to earth, prepare them for the highest levels. I feel proud to have grown up there, when he was still called Sisley. For me it was a fundamental stage in my career ».

His accent betrays the Milanese inflection a little, but not that much. Why?

“I have a good diction, because I toured Italy, thanks to volleyball”.

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In which area of ​​Treviso did you grow up?

“In San Pelajo. My parents still live there. ‘

Andrea Cisolla of Brescia, Serie A2, told us two weeks ago that he returns to Treviso at least once a year. How much do you miss the city?

“A lot, of course. I miss dad and mom, my brother, and friends. When I can, I am very happy to come back, because Treviso is my home ». –

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