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“A crazy day, a fundamental victory dedicated to Piero Bucchi”

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Baioni thinks of the absent coach because he is positive at Covid “One of the best defensive performances of the year”

SASSARI. Before analyzing the game, coach Giacomo Baioni is keen to make two engravings. The first is thanks to the club for having managed the morning emergency in the right way, then «the obligatory dedication to Piero Bucchi who is a great coach and a great person. Knowing a few minutes before the two-a-side ball that he can’t lead the team is a bad situation, it’s right that this victory is all for him, “he said at a press conference.

In these cases, obviously the victory is for the whole group: «The staff was fundamental in transmitting positive energies and the guys understood the moment, playing a great race and winning a very important victory for us – he adds -. We set up the match by covering ourselves under the basket, it was a very specific choice. we also knew we could get some triple, in fact it happened but it was in the bill. In case we could have challenged a few shots better, we would have limited the damage, in any case it was one of the best defensive performances of the year, Kruslin was exemplary and gave a lot. Trento is a physical team and has held up, has been able to mend an important break that we have favored a little with static attacks and some distractions in defense. Then we recovered and finally closed the accounts, I must say that it was a good team performance ». Baioni’s regret is still for the defeat in Cremona «very heavy in a Final Eight key. We certainly paid the forced stop for the covid but it shouldn’t be an excuse because this year is the same for everyone, you have to know how to endure and be ready for the restart when it’s time to take the field again ».

The opposing coach Lele Molin recognizes the merits of Dinamo: «We have our demerits, in the first part the approach was not the right one and in the final the match could have gone one way or the other. Dinamo overall played a better match and won with merit ».(r.s.)

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