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“A disgrace for football”

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“A disgrace for football”

The 16-year-old Yamal scored a possible goal for the Catalans when the score was 1-1. However, it could not be clearly proven whether the ball had fully crossed the goal line. But it wasn’t a mistake on the part of the referee, said ter Stegen.

“Maximum injustice”

Due to the defeat – Real’s winning goal was scored by former Dortmund player Jude Bellingham in stoppage time – Barça, eleven points behind Real, has little chance of defending the championship title. It was only on Tuesday that Barcelona were eliminated from the Champions League quarter-finals against Paris Saint-Germain.

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This means that the Catalans, who are used to success, will probably come away empty-handed this season. “If you don’t win a title in the end, we will be disappointed – especially in ourselves. Ultimately, we are the ones who failed in crucial moments,” said former Gladbacher ter Stegen.

Barça coach Xavi spoke of “maximum injustice”. His team deserved the three points against Real. “Everyone saw the referee’s performance. You can punish me, but the pictures are there for everyone to see,” said the former world and European champion, who only complained heavily about the referee during the week against PSG and saw the red card during the game.

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