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A feat to overturn the ranking

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Keita Baldè like Gigi Riva, on a par with Sassuolo also the goal of the Senegalese player confirms that Cagliari are on the right path

CAGLIARI. Keita Baldè as Gigi Riva. A feat, that of the Senegalese in Reggio Emilia, which recalls that made by the champion of Leggiuno in Vicenza, in the match played on January 18, 1970, the year of the Cagliari championship. Rombodituono did not see the goal live. He keeps the TV off (“I suffer too much”) and only afterwards does he inquire about the result. But when he watched the footage, he applauded the play. Keita said he was honored by the comparison, adding: “It went well, you always need a little luck in these cases. It’s one of the best goals I’ve scored ».

Restart. There is a detail that photographs the mood of the rossoblùs after the draw with Sassuolo. Many have written on Twitter “let’s fight, go ahead with this spirit”. The answer to the doubts raised about a dressing room that is no longer united as before. Concept that Keita wanted to emphasize strongly: «We are a team of great men, we love each other and we help each other. It doesn’t matter who plays from the start or who initially goes on the bench because every single element is needed. It was also seen in my exultation with Pavoletti and all the boys because together we have to build something important ». The unity of the dressing room becomes fundamental in the situation in which Cagliari find themselves. Every game is like a final, rowing everyone in the same direction is definitely an extra weapon.

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Self-esteem. Reggio Emilia was a watershed trip. A defeat would have been devastating. The team took note of the danger, played with courage, fielding the competitive ferocity requested by the coach. He sought victory until the last second. Not settling for a draw was another important signal, it means that the work done by Mazzarri on the heads of individuals is beginning to bear fruit.

Another final. “If that against Sassuolo was the Champions League final, Friday’s match against Salernitana is a super final”. Words of the rossoblù mister said with a smile on his lips. A concept that does not differ too much from reality. A challenge among the last of the class that is giving away points to take home by force. Beating Colantuono’s team becomes a necessary step to improve the ranking and above all to give continuity to the results. This is the only way to get out of trouble as soon as possible. On Friday, the fans will play an important role and the response on ticket sales, up to now, is positive.

Joao Pedro in blue. The debate is open. The coach Mancini is not unbalanced, while the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, brakes. He says that there is no shortage of young people to be valued and without excluding anything, he makes it clear what his position is. But if the Brazilian continues like this …

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