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a luxury diving watch with health monitoring –

Withings has unveiled its latest hybrid watch, the ScanWatch Nova, which blends the advanced technology of the ScanWatch 2 with a design inspired by dive watches. This latest announcement follows closely the launch of Withings’ previous hybrid watches, including the ScanWatch Light and ScanWatch 2. The new model, unveiled just two days ago, offers a similar set of health tracking features to those found in the ScanWatch 2. These include the ability to monitor heart rate in real time, measure blood oxygen levels, perform electrocardiograms and evaluate skin temperature to analyze physical recovery and the effectiveness of physical activity.

Withings’ ScanWatch Nova, similar to other hybrid models, looks like an authentic analog watch with battery-powered physical hands. The presence of a monochrome AMOLED screen in the upper part of the dial allows the display of notifications and access to the different functions of the watch. What distinguishes ScanWatch Nova from ScanWatch 2 is mainly its design. This new model takes inspiration from diving watches, featuring a prominent bezel around the dial.

With a 10 ATM certification for shallow diving and a protective sapphire crystal, it is designed for use in aquatic environments. An interesting detail is the steel and ceramic bezel, which can be rotated to function as a chronometer or to facilitate the decompression phases. Additionally, the ScanWatch Nova will be available in three color variants: green, black and blue, with silver metal strap options.

Withings’ philosophy behind the launch of its ScanWatch Nova recalls the strategy adopted with its predecessor, the ScanWatch Horizon. Introduced in September 2021, the Horizon model borrowed the features and measurements of the first ScanWatch, reworking them into a dive watch-inspired design, a year after the original model debuted. ScanWatch Nova follows a similar path, inheriting the features of the ScanWatch 2, including temperature detection, but with faster timing than before, avoiding a prolonged wait for this new version.

Some of the key features include:

Medical-grade electrocardiogram on demand to detect cardiac abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation. Detection of basic daytime and nighttime body temperature fluctuations using TempTech24/7 technology. On-demand blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, as well as monitoring nocturnal breathing disorders and average oxygen level during sleep. Sleep quality monitoring with recommendations to improve it, providing a sleep quality score and detailed parameters. ScanWatch Nova offers the ability to monitor a variety of key metrics, including step count, calorie burn, altitude traveled and workout route details via built-in GPS functionality. This smartwatch can automatically identify over 40 daily activities, including walking, running, swimming and cycling.

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Users are offered the choice between two bracelets included with the purchase: the Oyster metal bracelet and the FKM bracelet, allowing for greater comfort during training sessions.

ScanWatch Nova: Precision meets luxury in this uniquely designed masterpiece:

ScanWatch Nova stands out for its precision craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The rotating ceramic and stainless steel bezel, enriched with laser-engraved markings, together with the Luminova hands and raised indexes, allows for optimal use even in low light conditions. The mirror-finished stainless steel case gives this underwater-inspired watch water resistance up to 10 ATM, with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Battery life reaches 30 days, allowing users to rely on continuous health monitoring without the need for frequent charging. Additionally, included with the watch is a USB-C cable for convenient and fast charging.

Thanks to the use of MultiWave PPG sensors and HealthSense, the proprietary system of Withings, ScanWatch Nova stands out for the precise monitoring of cardiovascular vital signs, including heart rate, heart rate variability and ECG. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of measuring respiratory disorders via SpO2 and tracking sleep cycles.

The Withings app features an intuitive interface that allows users to customize the information displayed on the watch’s display and set notification preferences directly from the app for their favorite applications. Through a long touch on the dial it is possible to launch the desired functions, while the quick display option allows the watch to light up when the wrist is raised.

The new Withings ScanWatch Nova it is already available on the official website at a price of 600 euros and will be on sale at other retailers starting from February 1, 2024. For comparison, the list price of the ScanWatch 2 is 350 euros, while the ScanWatch Horizon was initially offered at 500 euros at launch.

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