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A man survived a flight hidden in the trolley of an airplane – Foreign

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The 26-year-old got off the trolley on a flight to Miami

Miami, November 29, 2021 – A 26-year-old man survived in hiding in the compartment of a trolley in a flight of a passenger plane landed a Miami. A feat, given the high percentage of deaths among those who have previously tried to do the same to enter the United States illegally.

The 26-year-old had ’embarked’ on Guatemala, thus tackling a journey of more than one thousand kilometers in the cart of a Boeing 737 that flew for two hours and six minutes at a speed of up to 526 mph, reaching an altitude of 33,000 feet (over 10 kilometers) with temperatures at minus 50 degrees. Finally in Miami he then taxied for 29 minutes before arriving at a gate, at which point the man got out, took two steps and sat between the incredulous gazes of the airport workers. They immediately rescued him and brought water, “He survived! He survived!” someone shouted.

But he was lucky, in fact, hiding in the trolleys of scheduled flights is a desperate attempt to expatriate, and it is difficult to survive. the Federal Aviation Administration has announced that since 1947 as many as 129 people have attempted the dangerous journey and almost all “died of injuries or during the flight”.

Instead in 2014 a 15 year old boy managed to survive a five and a half hour flight between San Jose in California and Maui, Hawaii. On the contrary, it was a shock in London in 2019, for the death of a man who fell from the landing gear compartment of a Kenya Airways flight bound for Heathrow: he crashed in the garden of a London house, and his identity was never discovery.

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