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A mess of 6 teams before the start of the season: the Lakers lead the Rockets warm-up game to show its shape_Preseason

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Original title: A mess before the season. 6 teams: The Lakers lead the Rockets warm-up game to show their true shape

The preseason is over, and the new season is about to begin. During the offseason, for the next long season, all NBA teams have made a lot of preparations. Judging from the situation in the preseason, some teams have clear goals and are full of confidence in the new season. But there are also some teams that are far from forming a tacit understanding, and the team is in a mess.

For example, the following 6 teams.

1. Trailblazers

This offseason, the Blazers encountered a crisis of core Lillard leaving the team, and in order to give the team a whole new look, Portland also fired nine-year coach Terry Stotts. After coach Billups took office, he did bring some new changes to the Blazers. For example, he gave up the idea of ​​controlling a large number of ball possessions with two guns, allowing Lillard and others besides CJ to improve their roles. There is nothing wrong with this change of thinking, but at least from the preseason point of view, the effect is still relatively poor. The Blazers played 4 games but failed to win. It seems that in a short time, they still can’t get out of their original tactical inertia.

2. Lakers

After the preseason, the most worrying team is undoubtedly the Los Angeles Lakers. You know, throughout the preseason, the Lakers played a total of 6 games, the most of all teams, but in 6 games, they did not win a single victory. From the visual perception point of view, the Lakers’ game is full of loopholes on both ends of the offense and defense, and the team’s tacit understanding is poor, especially the new nuclear Westbrook in the backcourt is completely trapped by the new tactical system and its performance is greatly reduced. Will this situation change quickly after the start of the new season? In this regard, the outside world is not optimistic.

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3. Wizards

In addition to the Lakers and Trail Blazers, another team that hasn’t won a game in the preseason is the Wizards. During the offseason, the Wizards sent Westbrook away through a trade and traded for Pope, Kuzma and Harrell from the Lakers. In addition, they also dug perimeter general Ding Weidi from the Nets, after the replacement of personnel, the Wizards once again aimed at the new season’s playoffs. However, after 4 preseason games, the Wizards played very badly. As the league’s No. 2 scorer last season, in 4 games, Bill averaged only 11 points, 3.8 assists and 3 rebounds per game, and also suffered a knee injury. Obviously, the new season has not yet started, and the Wizards have encountered a lot of trouble. .

4.76 people

Throughout the preseason, the 76ers achieved two wins and two losses. It seems that the situation is not bad, especially on the night when “The Great” Embiid played, the 76ers can basically maintain the combat effectiveness of last season. However, Simmons suddenly returned to the team during the preseason, but added new variables to Philadelphia’s season campaign. At present, although Simmons is back, his grievances with the 76ers have not ended. In the new season, his willingness to play on behalf of the team is still not strong. He still hopes to go to other places to develop, and this problem continues to drag on for the 76ers. That is obviously very unfavorable.

5. Wasp

This summer, the Hornets’ lineup has been further upgraded. On the front line, Ubre has excellent combat capabilities to join, and in the backcourt, they picked up potential rookie Bucknett. However, during the preseason, the Hornets’ state was quite ups and downs. They only won 1 game and lost 68 points to their opponents in a game against the Mavericks. In the new season, the Hornets have set their return to the playoffs as their goal, but from the preseason situation alone, it seems that they have not prepared enough for the difficult journey of the season.

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6. Rockets

In this year’s draft, the Rockets picked up four rookies in one go. Counting Kevin Porter, Martin Jr. and Jay Shawn Tate that they tapped last year, they have already reserved enough potential stocks. In addition, the Rockets have hidden Wall in the snow and are determined to completely rebuild. Considering that the Rockets also have the immediate combat power of Wood, Eric Gordon, Danuel House, etc., for the strong recovery of this season, the team is up and down. Was very confident at one time. However, after only 4 preseason games, the Rockets have shown their true shape. In addition to winning the Wizards in the first game, the Rockets have lost three consecutive games in a row and lost more than one game. Originally, before the start of the season, the Rockets deliberately made a high profile, but now it seems that continuing to slept and staying dormant may be the most pragmatic goal of the new season. (Poirot)Return to Sohu to see more


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