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A new clash between Marco Maddaloni and Beatrice Luzzi lights up the spirits – Big Brother 2023

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A new clash between Marco Maddaloni and Beatrice Luzzi lights up the spirits – Big Brother 2023

The issues that arose in the past between Marco and Beatrice do not seem to be completely buried. Despite the clarification that occurred in recent weeks, we are once again talking about this heated duo. The actress is convinced that the judoka is fake and that her choice not to nominate the younger ones is a strategy. Puppeteer, player, unclear, liar, are just some of the opinions expressed by Beatrice and beyond. Simona and Stefano are also of the same opinion, that in fact the woman herself thinks that this do-good attitude is a way of pandering the rest of the House.

Marco doesn’t wait and says his opinion and doesn’t accept the criticism he receives: “Yes, I’m a gentleman and I don’t have any problems. I said I would split my winnings, but I never denied it.” On the puppeteer, he then adds: “First it was Giuseppe, now it’s me. They can say what they want about me, but it’s always them who talk about me. With others I talk about myself, about them, I say things to their faces”.

On the Nominations, the judoka then clarifies that he has done nothing wrong, he has preferences, he doesn’t want to nominate his friends.

Beatrice, on the other hand, begins her speech like this: “I’m still waiting for an apology from Marco, I was attacked ferociously and there hasn’t even been a real clarification”. Then adding that she believes that the competitor’s opinion is a way to hinder her in every way. Simona also believes there is a strategy and Marco is at the head of this game.

Giuseppe, as well as the rest of the competitors, disagree and states: “The world needs more people like him”, a person who has given and continues to give a lot for the kids. Letizia also has the same opinion “Marco is a great gentleman”.

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Cesara Buonamici does not at all agree with the interpretation of Marco as a player, as a person who buys the favor of his friends. You have always been close to her roommates. “I don’t see this whole scheme at all.”

Fiordaliso also remembers that he had an agreement with the boys: “The boys don’t touch each other” then, however, he adds that the judoka should apologize to Beatrice. The actress herself asks the columnist if what happened at the restaurant was a good example, but Buonamici maintains that there have been several discussions like that and there is no bad example. Marco then adds that what he said to Beatrice was an opinion and she didn’t do anything wrong. Not only that, she remembers that the competitor herself named her son: “I wanted to defuse it, but with her it’s impossible.”

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