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A real invasion in Heraklion 548, the results

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A real invasion in Heraklion 548, the results


Great success at the twenty-second edition of the Città di Candia trophy, an international Middle and Olympic triathlon competition, organized by the Turin Triathlon and held last Sunday, 8 May.

The race, valid as Fitri test, involved not only the territory of Candia, but also Vische, Strambino, Vestignè, Borgomasino, Moncrivello, Villareggia, Mazzè and Caluso. 548 triathletes from every region of Italy, as well as France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, United States and Malaysia at the start in the first swimming test (Olympic over a distance of 1,500 meters and Medio 1,900). Best placement of the Canavese Triathlon was a seventh place in the women’s Middle triathlon, thanks to Paola Cortona, who completed the swimming, cycling (81 kilometers) and running (10 km) tests in 4h54’33 ”: in the first test of swimming stopped the time trial in 32’59 ”, then for the bike test, on the roads of Caluso, Mazzè, Villareggia, Moncrivello, Borgomasino, Vestignè, Strambino, Vische and arrival in Candia Canavese, Cortona closed in 2h39’21 ”, while in the leg of the race, entirely in Candia he completed the route in 1h39’45 ”.

Show also in the Olimpico, on different distances: said of the swimming with the test of 1,500 meters, there were 41 km by bike and 20 km of running, only in Candia Canavese. In the men first place overall for Alberto Nardin (Team Fisiosport, 2h00’45 ‘), followed by Tommaso Luzzati (Ppr Team, 2h03’34’ ‘) and Giuseppe Hernis (Raschiani Piacenza, 2h04’40’ ‘). In the women’s field, first Silvia Visaggi (Turin triathlon, 2h 10’05 ”), silver for Beatrice Taverna (Legnano, 2h18’20 ”) and bronze for Bianca Brambilla (Dds Team, 2h20’41 ”). In the Medium triathlon, in the men’s category first position of Dario Giovine (Pool Cantù, 3h33’19 ”), in second Bruno Pasqualini (Turin triathlon, 3h38’13 ”) in front of the Swiss Lorenzo Delcò (Triathlon Ticino, 3h42 ’03’) ‘). Women: first Eva Serena (Dds Team, 4h08’55 ”), second Sabina Federica De Nicola (Pro Patria Milano, 4h12 ’54’ ‘) and third Valentina Odaldi (Dolo, 4h19’46’ ‘). –

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