Home Sports A Venezuelan for Treviso goals: Pluchino is taken

A Venezuelan for Treviso goals: Pluchino is taken

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Complete team with the bomber: meeting on 21 July in Nervesa. Migliorini: “Purchasing campaign in line with expectations”


Treviso closes, at least for now, the transfer market with the Pluchino shot. He was perhaps the last element that was missing from the squad of Mr. Gianni Migliorini, he was perhaps the most awaited man since he is the new Biancoceleste bomber: the first Venezuelan striker Pierre Alexander Pluchino arrives from Sandonà. The strong bond between Treviso and South America is renewed once again, just think that in recent days the former Biancoceleste Gianluca Lapadula has shown himself (in 2006 he lived his first adventure away from home, with the Allievi) with the shirt of Peru.

Until 2016 the new Treviso striker also played as a professional at home, following a spell in the top football division of El Salvador before approving in Italy. In the Belpaese, the 32-year-old wore the shirts of Casarano, Sangiustese, Sinalunghese and finally Sandonà, where he met the new Treviso coach who wanted to take him with him. The numbers speak for him “, comments the coach Gianni Migliorini,” in two seasons in Excellence, Pluchino has an important score because in 38 games he has scored 25 goals. He is a player who has enormous value in this category, like all those who have been taken. We must applaud the company because a purchasing campaign was carried out in line with the expectations of the square ».

For now, the Biancoceleste coach, therefore, is satisfied with the signing campaign and now there are only some gaps left to fill with promising young players: “As for the under, Magli, Tessaro, Raccagna and also From Rold, who joins up and will be in training with us “, continues the Veronese coach,” numerically missing a few 2001, at least a couple that we are looking for to complete the roster of young people. For the rest, the team is made, we will keep a possible shot in August or September if the conditions are created to insert a further piece, but already in this way the team is complete and competitive ».

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Now closed this first phase of a crackling transfer market, it’s time to think about getting back on the pitch. The new Treviso will meet for the first time in Nervesa on Wednesday 21 July at the helm of Migliorini: tests will be carried out with the help of the athletic trainer. Instead, the actual training should begin the following week, in view of the official debut in the amateur cup scheduled from 5 September, above all, to be ready for the championship that will begin on the 19th of the same month. –

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