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Aboubakary Koïta gives STVV victory against Club Brugge

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No Skov Olsen at Club Brugge, he was missing due to a groin injury. At STVV, Fink left winger Bocat out of the squad. Ogawa was again favored in the eleven. On the right, Ananou got an advantage over Vanwesemael.

Club had the first chance of the match. Vetlesen was able to cross from the back line towards the second post. Fortunately, Ogawa was alert to handle the corner kick. A warning from which STVV did not learn any lessons. Godeau played very clumsily in Onyedika’s feet. Jutgla was then also allowed to slalom through the Truiense defense unhindered. A piece of cake: 0-1.

Applause replacement for Mignolet

An applause replacement in minute ten? We experienced it on Sunday at Stayen. Simon Mignolet had to be replaced due to injury. Another muscle injury for the Truienaar, who received support from both camps. A nice gesture.

Even without Mignolet, it was Bruges on top in the opening quarter. Ogawa was just able to throw himself into the path of Sabbe’s shot, and the score was almost 0-2. At the same time, STVV failed to develop any pace in possession of the ball. The space between the lines was large. Until then, the Canaries played ‘end of season football’. That would change significantly later in the match.

In the meantime, Suzuki showed his skills on a shot from Skoras, Smets had his work to stop Thiago. Especially when Suzuki came far from his goal and collided with the Club striker, Smets emerged unscathed. Yet again a warning from blue-black.

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Eight minutes before the half-time signal, STVV finally had a real chance. Koïta fitted masterfully into Zahiroleslam’s run. Jackers was just able to put an arm between them. The twelfth man in Truiense suddenly believed in it again. Vanaken tried to quickly take away all hope a little later, but Suzuki was attentive to the North Limburger’s slide. Steuckers was also able to pull the trigger again just before half time and Koïta also had his chance, but the real Truiense fire had to come after coffee.

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Fifth goal Zahiroleslam

Five minutes after the change of sides, Zahiroleslam immediately had a great chance to score the equalizer. The ball was taken from Ordonez, but the American striker forgot to finish. A weak performance by the STVV attacker.

As a result, the Truien team had momentum. The Canaries now had to gradually come and did so. Steuckers beautifully kicked a long ball to Ogawa, who had advanced along with him. He dropped a curved ball into Zahiroleslam’s barrel with the outside of his foot. This time the striker brushed off his frustrations: 1-1!

Deila intervened, his substitutions paid off almost immediately. Nielsen seemed to be on his way to the 1-2 twice, each time after a through ball in the back of the STVV defense. Godeau was just able to put a leg in between, but then Suzuki parried well. The Japanese goalkeeper played a strong match, he also stopped Nusa from scoring a second Bruges goal when Van Helden lost out in a duel.

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Kaya miss penalty

Club Brugge, which nevertheless appeared lethargic, had some good chances to make it 2-1. But STVV became the team that showed the most willpower. It resulted in a penalty. Kaya first made a good case against Ordonez, allowing Steuckers to kick. Jackers made a good one-handed save, Kaya seemed to be heading for the rebound but was brought down by the same Ordonez. Koïta left the eleven meter on… Fatih Kaya, the man who just couldn’t score this season. Yes, the Turkish-German striker also missed, the penalty was immediately aimed against the upright. Poor Kaya.

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Fortunately for him and the whole of STVV, the party still started at Stayen. A bomb from the feet of top scorer Koïta out of nowhere, Jackers had no chance: 2-1. Club pressed for a moment in injury time, but an already strong Smets did not budge.

Club had to go home empty-handed, and the West Flemish team received the full load of the full visitors’ section afterwards. They shouted Deila to the exit. STVV successfully reached the mark of forty points and will enter the Europe Play-offs with a boost.

STVV: Suzuki – Van Helden, Smets, Godeau – Ananou, Delorge, Ito, Ogawa – Steuckers, Koïta, Zahiroleslam.

CLUB BRUGES: Mignolet – Sabbe, Ordonez, Mechele, Meijer – Vetlesen, Onyedika – Skoras, Vanaken, Jutgla – Thiago.

Replacements: 10′ Mignolet by Jackers, 60′ Jutgla by Nusa, 60′ Vetlesen by Nielsen, 66′ Ito by Fujita, 74′ Zahiroleslam by Kaya, 74′ Ananou by Vanwesemael, 86′ Skoras by Spileers, 86′ Sabbe by Barbera, 88′ Koïta by Yamamoto, 88′ Steuckers by Barnes.

Doelpunten: 6′ Jutgla 0-1, 59′ Zahiroleslam 1-1, 85′ Koïta 2-1.

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Penalty: 81′ Kaya (missed).

Referee: Kevin Van Damme.

Spectators: 8,615. (gus)

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