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Abramovich says goodbye to Chelsea

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Abramovich says goodbye to Chelsea

Original title: Abramovich bid farewell to Chelsea: becoming a member of the Blues is a lifetime honor and wishing the future a better future

On May 28, Beijing time, the Premier League giant Chelsea Football Club confirmed that the club was sold to Todd Boehly/Clearlake Capital consortium (Todd Boehly/Clearlake Capital), and the transaction is expected to be completed next Monday. Subsequently, Roman Abramovich issued a statement saying goodbye to Chelsea. Previously, due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Abu was sanctioned by the British government and had to sell Chelsea. In the end, the Berleigh consortium successfully bid.

Roman Abramovich stated the following:

It has been almost three months since I announced my intention to sell Chelsea FC. During this time, the team has worked hard to find the right guardian for Chelsea, hoping to select the most capable successor to successfully lead the club into its next chapter.

There is a huge responsibility to take ownership of this club. I came to Chelsea twenty years ago and saw firsthand what this club can achieve. My aim is to ensure that the next owner has the same mentality to help the men’s and women’s teams succeed, as well as the will and motivation to continue to develop strongly in other key areas of the club, such as the academy and the important work of the Chelsea Foundation.

I am delighted that this search for a successor has now come to a successful conclusion. When I hand Chelsea over to its new guardians, I want them to have the greatest success on and off the field.

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It has been the privilege of my life to be part of this club – I would like to thank all the past and present players, staff and of course the fans at the club for their hard work over the years.

I am proud that, thanks to our shared success, millions of people will now benefit from the new charitable foundation being established, a property we have created together and will pass on.

thank you all


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