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Academy, Panigati votes Gaudio “At 70% the coach will still be him”

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Academy, Panigati votes Gaudio “At 70% the coach will still be him”

The red and white number one wants to confirm the salvation technician


«In a ranking of probabilities, I can say that at 70% in the next championship the coach of the Accademia Pavese will be Gianluca Gaudio». He is the words of Ezio Panigati, president and soul of the Sant’Alessio company. To be sure, it will be necessary to wait until June 30, when Panigati, the other members of the club and Gaudio – with the bowls still, with all the youth championships concluded – will finally have the time to sit down at a table and “play chess” with the various roles. In fact, Gaudio is also the dg of the Academy and follows the nursery. But reconciling the different tasks does not seem impossible, it would be a matter of continuing what has already happened in the last months of the championship.

We ask Panigati what the future of the team will be, how he plans to plan his ambitions for next season. «Our DNA is to enhance young people, proclamations do not belong to us – underlines the president – the experience of the championship that has just ended has further proved it to us, if anything were needed. The most satisfying aspect is that other companies have to go around looking for young people, we don’t because we have them and they are all “made in the Academy”. This is our priority, which we try to reconcile with the desire to do well in the league ». And so for 2022-23 in society they have already made two calculations and can smile: three very strong under-class 2002 like Casiroli, Castillo and Mori, four promising 2003 (Ragucci, Pasi, Balesini and Cipolla), four talented 2004 (Oualid , Tommasi, Iosca and Laraia) and even three 2005s to bet on with your eyes closed: Bernini, Pasetti and Nappi. “

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“If we add to these guys the hard core and the old guard understands that the squad is ready”, rejoices Panigati, who by “hard core” means Filadelfia, Provasio and Maggi to which he adds Tomassone, Alio and the two brothers Dioh. Who will go away? “In reality no one, also because we are talking about a group that wants to continue playing together – concludes the red and white patron – certainly Vassallo and Tambussi are from another category, so I leave them the maximum freedom to choose and if level I’ll just be happy to let them go for their career ». Finally, a thought for Pavia: «I hope that the Seveso file will be closed and saved – admits Panigati – I will cheer for them. Then the hope is that we begin to build a competitive team ». –

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