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Accident in Milan, they get out of the van and are overwhelmed by pirate trucks: 2 men dead

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Accident in Milan, they get out of the van and are overwhelmed by pirate trucks: 2 men dead

Milano – Road tragedywith a lot of “yellow” in the Milanese, where in the afternoon two men aged 51 and 55 died long the Milan outer ring road, after having been swept up from a Tir who did not stop to help.

To call 118 was in facti a motorist who told the scene nothing short of dramatic and heartbreaking: the two victims they would get out of their white van to fix the load they were losing and were hit by the heavy vehicle. The witness would provide the license plate of the truck. In the evening the truck was tracked down and the driver arrested and placed under house arrest.


The reliefs and relief efforts on the Teem

According to a very early reconstruction, entrusted to the Polstrada, the two people had probably exited the emergency lane to perform the operation. They slowed down, stopped and got out of the van. Shortly thereafter, the Tir passed, on whose trail the agents are now. It will be necessary to understand if the truck driver did not notice the impact, circumstance deemed unlikely, or if he fled after realizing the investment.

The Teem motorway connects Agrate Brianza to Melegnano along a path of about forty kilometers parallel to, but more external, than the one from the east ring road of Milan, where traffic is much more sustained. The accident happened at the height of Melzo in the section between Liscate and Pozzuolo Martesana, heading north, shortly after 17.30. More precisely, at the interconnection between the A35 and the A58, near a peak that could have made it difficult for the two men to see who got out of the van and had no escape. When help arrived, there was nothing more to be done: they were on the ground, lifeless.

The agents of the Traffic Police of San Donato have meanwhile collected and analyzed the images recorded by the cameras of the Teem and it seems that the heavy vehicle exited at Pozzolo Martesana. The Teem branch was closed and a section of the Brebemi motorway to which the Teem is connected was then closed on the orders of the police. Then the discovery of the Tir.

The Milan prosecutor Paolo Storari ordered thehouse arrest, pending validation, for road murder and wrongful death, of the truck driver, an Italian. The man was tracked down in Muggiò by traffic police officers thanks to the license plate, the images from the cameras and the GPS he had on the vehicle

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