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Accidents Milan, from Ibrahimovic to Florenzi: 700 days lost

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Accidents Milan, from Ibrahimovic to Florenzi: 700 days lost

The conditions of Messias and Krunic are to be evaluated: in Salerno four sure absentees

Year-end paradox: if Milan manage to limit the number of days of injury to one thousand during the season, they will be the favorites for second place and could cause great fear to Napoli for the Scudetto race. It seems absurd – a thousand days is a very high number, equivalent to over 30 months – yet it is true. Since July 1, Milan have collected over 700 days of absence. Nearly 180 are from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has never been available. Almost 120 by Alessandro Florenzi, who will be out at least until February. One hundred Mike Maignan. And so on, from Messias to Saelemaekers, from Rebic to Theo Hernandez, almost all the players in Pioli’s squad have stopped at least once, very often due to muscle problems.

Krunic stopped

Investigating the reasons for the problems is complex, it’s easier to understand that Milan’s next few months will depend on this, much more than on the performance of an individual or a direct clash. Pioli has had three, four, five unavailable in almost every game and Salerno will be no exception: no Ibra, no Florenzi, no Maignan, almost certainly no Origi. To evaluate the situations of Messias and Krunic, who worked alone in the gym. Small overload precautions. However, Krunic hasn’t had any problems recently, while for Messias the situation is more delicate. The Brazilian was out for around ten days at the beginning of October and hasn’t been available since 11 November. Between accelerations and braking, he didn’t play friendlies with Arsenal and Liverpool. In the next few hours, with new evaluations, it will be understood if he can be in Salerno.

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Calabria is there

The best news these days is the return to the group of Davide Calabria, who worked with his teammates like Brahim Diaz. Calabria is not just any player, not just for his role as captain. The last match for Milan was on October 1 in Empoli, on the crazy night of three injuries (including Saelemaekers and Kjaer) and Ballo-Touré’s last-gasp goal. It seems like a lifetime ago, but Milan are still in the running for the Scudetto and can’t wait to send their starting right wing onto the pitch. Alexis Saelemaekers is back on the pitch – and scoring – in Dubai, a move that brings Kalulu back to the center of the field and balance to the center of Pioli’s thoughts. If Milan look a little more like that of 2021-22, there are more possibilities that, if Spalletti allows, the ending of the film-scudetto will also be the same.

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