Home Sports Adani: “Inzaghi with Bellanova gets everything wrong. Loser mentality: he told Empoli…”

Adani: “Inzaghi with Bellanova gets everything wrong. Loser mentality: he told Empoli…”

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Adani: “Inzaghi with Bellanova gets everything wrong.  Loser mentality: he told Empoli…”

Adani’s analysis on Inter-Empoli: “Inter’s match was bad, one of the worst in recent years”

Intervened in the Bobo TV studios, Lele Adania former footballer, analyzed Inter’s defeat against Empoli in this way: “Inter’s match was a bad one, before, during and after: it was truly one of the worst matches in recent years. badly managed during the first half, an uninspired team, never precise and dangerous against a team that is worth 1/100: it went even worse when they remained in 10 in choices, evaluations and interpretation. Inter was very negative. Inter in 10 have the means to be superior to Empoli, the same team that went to Barcelona to play that match and won the Super Cup five days ago cannot have an attitude so far from his stature .

He had the wrong approach, in managing the match and at the crucial moment Inter proved to be small, smaller than Empoli. Who has to give a signal at some point? The head of the group, the coach. We were at the stadium and we saw this: at the moment of the expulsion he yelled at Bellanova “come on, come in”, he didn’t have the shin guards yet. The coach’s reaction is therefore: I remove a striker and put in a fifth. Inter have several strong players, even outside them: in my opinion there are two players who were wrong at the time, Gagliardini and Bellanova, you don’t need them. If you are in 10, put one with more quality and make up for the numerical inferiority.

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Inter play 20 minutes of the second half without technical development and the possibility of verticalizing: you have to tell me how you can equalize. You can concede dribble, but when I recover I level the inferiority by having players of quality and strength. Bellanova’s choice is the loser by mentality. Then you concede a goal and you deserve to score it: if you don’t score it, you score it, it’s football. And afterwards it’s all based on chance, no more mentality: on the contrary, you confirm, because he has sent all the attackers in because you’re forced. Inter made a very bad impression: everything takes on greater weight because everyone was celebrating four days ago. In my opinion Inzaghi, in the second half, with the system he chose, he removed the mentality: he told Empoli to be afraid. Inter can’t fear Empoli not even in 8″.

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