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Ade is really going to retire this time. The biggest regret of giving up his one-man, one-city career? _Spurs_Nets_1

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Ade is really going to retire this time. The biggest regret of giving up his one-man, one-city career?  _Spurs_Nets_1

Original title: Ade is really going to retire this time, the biggest regret of giving up one person, one city career?

This time, it seems, Aldridge is really about to end his basketball career.

Originally, in April last year, Ade had made a decision to retire because of a heart attack. But later, due to his unwillingness, he chose to return to the Nets in the summer.

However, last season, in the Nets, Ade’s presence was very low. He only represented the team in 47 regular season games, averaging 12.9 points and 5.5 rebounds per game; in the playoffs, Ade was completely frozen. He was on the bench to witness the team’s dismal first round.

Come this summer, Ade is still fighting for the last job opportunity, and there was once a rumor that the defending champion Warriors had some interest in him. But later, due to various reasons, Ade and the Warriors failed to reach a signing intention, and the time came to late September. Seeing that his employment was hopeless, Ade may gradually have the idea of ​​​​retiring…

Looking back at Ade’s basketball career, regret undoubtedly accounted for a large proportion of the entire 16-year history. At one time, relying on his own unremitting efforts, Ade became one of the best power forwards in the league, but because of personal injuries, because Deviations in some key choices, but he has never achieved anything decent in his career.

Ade’s NBA career began in Portland. When he was selected as the second overall pick in 2006, many people looked down on his career prospects because of his thin body and limited athletic talent, and even some experts have Can’t wait to label him a parallel importer.

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However, in such an inclusive team as Portland, under the patient training of the Blazers, he gradually replaced Zach Randolph and grew into the core of Pau. Playing for the Blazers for 9 years, Ade has left a lot of marks in the history of the team. He has averaged 20+ points per game for 5 consecutive years, and averaged 20+10 per game for two consecutive seasons. In the playoffs, he also played two consecutive 40 games. + Destroy the rocket’s famous game.

However, because he has never been able to make a breakthrough in the playoffs, Ade had the idea of ​​running away in 2015, when he was 30 years old. But it turned out that Ade made the wrong choice. Although, joining the Spurs, succeeding Duncan, and learning from Popovich are all very tempting for Ade. But to really become a member of the Spurs, the process of Ade’s integration, the experience of leading the team is not easy.

Ade is by no means a selfish player. For Popovich’s arrangement and the role of the new owner, he did his best to adapt. However, with the successive retirement of the GDP trio, and in 2017, when Xiaoka and the Spurs completely fell out, the strength of the Holy City team is not as good as before.

In the most difficult period for the Spurs, Ade has come up with a true core attitude. His scoring average returned to the level of 20+, and he used magical solo performance time and time again to cover up the team’s shame. In his 30s, he frequently scored high scores, even 40+ and 50+.

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However, in his six years with the Spurs, Ade was getting further and further away from his goal of winning the championship. His elegant offensive skills gradually deteriorated, but his slow pace, his disadvantage in running and jumping was infinitely magnified, and became a weak underbelly to be targeted. At 36, he was forced to leave and gamble with the Nets.

However, due to a stubborn heart disease, Ade joined the Nets and played less roles. After a stubborn attempt to retire and come back, this summer, he finally gave in to the old man…

Back at the age of 30, in the year he left Portland, Ade was already the 4th player in team history, 2nd in scoring, 1st in rebounding, and 1st in double-doubles. The record has not been broken until now. If he could stick to the creed of one person, one city, maybe his career trajectory would be different, and he could wait until Lillard grows into a superstar to usher in a new chance to fight for the championship. He could go on to cement his place in history and maybe even become the greatest player in franchise history.

But all of that, because of Ader’s big decision at the age of 30, won’t be a reality. He has only one talent, but few honors in his career. At the end of his basketball career, Ade felt the most, perhaps only deep loneliness and helplessness… (Poirot)Return to Sohu, see more


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