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Adidas presents MLS Pro Match 2023

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Adidas presents MLS Pro Match 2023

With the start of the 2023 campaign, Adidas and Major League Soccer officially unveil the official MLS Pro Match 2023 match ball

The partnership between Adidas and the Major League Soccerthe top soccer league in the United States, continues for the thirteenth consecutive year and brings a football designed and built to enclose the tradition of all the MLS teams in its design.

The new season ball is inspired by the power of music, taking design cues from the sonic identities of the 29 clubs to unite fans and players alike. Celebrating the songs and chants that come to life inside MLS stadiumsthe balloon features a white base finished with a red and blue design that “gives off vibes with a graphic inspired by music posters.”

With the initiative MLS Pro MatchAdidas and MLS have placed the fans at the center of the design, involving them indirectly through the graphic transposition of one of the elements characterizing the most passionate support: the choir.

In addition to the dynamic design, the construction of the ball emulates the Al Rihla World Cup 2022 Match Ball. The MLS Pro Match ball features the same technology designed to “improve accuracy and consistency” as the one used during the Qatar 2022 World Cup, to support a fast and dynamic style of play and offer the crowd an even more exciting show.

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