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Afghanistan, explosion at Kabul airport. “Kamikaze attack, numerous victims”

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Explosion outside Kabul airport, photo from Twitter

Rome, August 26, 2021 – Forte explosion all’Kabul airport. And the nightmare returns terrorism in Afghanistan. According to sources, including a US official at CNN, some civilians they would stay wounded in an explosion, followed by gunshots, which occurred at one of the airport’s entrance gates (the Abbey Gate). And correspondents on the spot report a “suicide attack” that caused “numerous victims“. The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia had warned their citizens a few hours earlier to leave the airport because of the danger of an imminent attack by Isis.

Italy wants everyone at home. “Nobody is left alone”

In Afghanistan they are the last days for the evacuations of civilians and collaborators from the country, ivsto that, as established by the US president, August 31 is the date of deadline for the withdrawal of international troops. A general stampede towards the hope of a new future which, especially in the last hours, had made theterrorism alert. Only yesterday ithe US Secretary of State, Antony Blink, had warned of the “real danger” of an ISIS attack. Today, however, it was was the British premier Boris Johnson to insist on the need to “be transparent about the risks and what is happening”. “There are terrorists from the province of Khorasan of the Islamic State out there – underlined the prime minister -. I can’t go into details, of course. But we must be attentive to the safety of our personnel, as well as of the Afghan people who are trying to get out of the country “.

Tommaso Claudi, who is the consul who helps the children of Kabul

The last Italian soldier has returned home

And precisely regarding the end of the American airlift, the Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, shortly before the explosion he wrote on Twitter: “The evacuation operations will not be completed in 36 hours. We will continue to evacuate as many people as possible until the end of the mission.”

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