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Agnelli at De Telegraaf relaunches on the Superlega: ‘It’s necessary’

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Agnelli at De Telegraaf relaunches on the Superlega: ‘It’s necessary’

Andrea Agnelli he talks again and does it with the Dutch newspaper Telegraph. An interview on the topics of the Super League and the complicated relations with football institutions such as the UEFA of his “enemy” Ceferin and the FIFA led by Infantino: “It is not strange that there is only one candidate for the presidency of both UEFA and FIFA “Not to mention those who are already there: Ceferin and Gianni Infantino. Is this a healthy situation? Can we expect change from these people?” Ceferin and Infantino will do everything to remain at the center of power. I have no problem with Ceferin. If you call me, I’ll answer. With me friendship and personal feelings don’t get in the way of business. Aleksander is godfather to one of my daughters. I’m happy. It was the choice of the moment. He made a promise to God: if something happens to me, he will take care of her. A promise like that cannot be returned or taken back.”

Agnelli: “In 2019 ready for reform”

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Agnelli told how the idea of ​​a Super League was born: “In 2019 we were ready, Aleksander and I. Top clubs from all ECA leagues (around 130 European professional clubs at the time) agreed on a new format. Mid-sized clubs in the big leagues, big league executives and some federations saw the new format as a threat. For this reason Ceferin backed down. The clubs were in favor of a renewed and improved European football system. When UEFA threw a spanner in the works, projects outside UEFA were born to organize a new competition with all ECA clubs. Whether it eventually catches on will partly depend on the European Court of Justice. Why didn’t I fight for change in UEFA from within? Internally it was a war which I failed to win. Even knowing that the current system does not offer a future to Ajax, Anderlecht, Celtic, Benfica, Panathinaikos and Red Star Belgrade and many others. Then we don’t stand still, but we take other paths to get where we want to get with European club football.”

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Agnelli: “National championships of little interest”

Agnelli explained his idea on the problems of today’s European football system: “Apart from the lack of financial stability, the winners of many championships, national and international, are practically known in advance. Above all thanks to the income that the clubs obtain from the national market. England lead the way in this respect, and you can see how sumptuously the Premier League is represented in the final stages of European cup tournaments. With Spain close behind and some clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich. But in a sporting competition it is important that every participant has a chance to win. So also Ajax, Feyenoord and Juventus. As a football fan, I strongly support such an international competition. Unlike international federations. They have no regard for the club’s problems. As rulers, they want to keep everything as it is. They oppose any change. That’s why the system isn’t future-proof.” Sulla Superlega: “It’s necessary, because if it remains predictable like now, the public will move away from football. Will they continue to watch international football in Holland if Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV never have a chance to win or compete? Then another European league with several divisions with a promotion and relegation scheme. Under conditions that give equal opportunities to clubs. Think of sixty to eighty clubs across Europe. With my 13 years of experience in the football industry, I know how things work, I gathered ideas and I say it’s time for fairer championships. Not championships determined exclusively by trade, but by the markets where the most money is spent on football. In European terms, the biggest markets also get the most Champions League tickets and therefore the biggest revenues. So, if the current system is maintained, the gap between the English and Spanish clubs in particular and the others will only widen. Maybe except for PSG and Bayern Munich. Instead we should aim for greater sporting democracy. Doesn’t a Polish club have the right to achieve success? Do Polish fans not have enough passion for football?”

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