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Agostini: “I cried for three days only the wine improves over time”

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At 79, the former driver is still the one who has won more than any other “I thank him, because he stopped before beating all my records”

The interview

According to many, Giacomo Agostini, 79, was the greatest motorcycle rider in history. And in any case, he still holds the records of the World Championships won (15, in 13 seasons), of the GPs won (123) and of podium appearances (163) in the 190 races.

Agostini, how did you take the news of Rossi’s retirement?

«He respected me, he retired without beating my records and I thank him for that. I’m kidding, of course. I think it was a very difficult decision, even if in the air ».

He did the right thing?

“Only he knows. It is always sad to leave the world that has given you fame, adrenaline, well-being, but sooner or later that day arrives. I cried for three days when it happened to me. We must take courage ».

How old did you say enough is enough? And why?

«I was 37 years old and I still managed to make good placings, but everyone said that Ago was finished. When you’re used to winning, even a 2nd or 3rd place is hard to digest. In my case, I almost felt like a survivor, because then it was much more dangerous to race and many riders died in an accident. It went well for me. “

But didn’t Rossi wait too long to say enough?

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«I have learned firsthand that against the clock of life there is nothing to be done, it always goes faster than you. Beyond a certain age only some boxers continue, but to make shows, rather than fights. In motorcycling it is different. Only wine improves over time. But sometimes it becomes vinegar ».

What was decisive in choosing Valentino?

«I would say the lack of results, so it was put aside. Otherwise he would have continued ».

But other elderly athletes, like Buffon, go on: couldn’t he too?

«They are different worlds and sports. In certain situations we should look forward, to what is new and different that could be done and not just to what we have been in the past. Life can give you other good satisfactions, even if they will never be like the ones you left behind. Valentino, however, will remain in the engines and will give himself to the cars, where he has already had some encouraging experience ».

A wise choice? Or wouldn’t it be better to radically change your life?

“I think it’s good. So he will remain in a world similar to the one he leaves and in any case he will not have any pressure on him. With cars, no one will expect him to win like he did on motorcycles. It’s a nice advantage ».

They say that Valentino is a Peter Pan, unable to accept the passing of time.

«I understand a little, it is difficult to completely break away from a world that has elected you number 1. But switching to cars will be a more gradual and painless way to break away from motorcycles. And in any case Rossi could successfully do many other things. He will have no problems and find a new dimension ».

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What advice would you give him?

“I don’t think he needs it. I can only tell him to listen to himself, try to understand what he really wants and why. Then don’t listen to anyone and do what you feel like ».

Be honest: who was the greatest between you and Valentino?

«If you ask me I say Agostini, but if you ask Valentino the question he will answer Rossi. Riders are like that, they always believe they are the best. I’m not the right person to judge objectively. “

Is there another Rossi in MotoGP?

«Among the Italian pilots I’m afraid not. Absolutely perhaps Marc Marquez, but if he returns to what he was before the accident. For now, I do not see another Valentino, neither in terms of the quality and value of the rider, nor in terms of the depth of the character ». –

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