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Agreement between the FIGC and Juve prosecutors for the plea deal

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Agreement between the FIGC and Juve prosecutors for the plea deal

Il Federal Court accepted the plea deal between Juventus and the FIGC prosecutor’s office in the context of the proceeding relating to the salary maneuver. The Juventus club was punished with one fine of 718,240 thousand euros and they would have given up any other recourse. On the other hand, Andrea Agnelli did not negotiate. The former president’s position was therefore dropped and will go to trial on June 15. The lawyers of the Juventus club and the head of the federal prosecutor, Giuseppe Chinè, had presented themselves before the federal court for propose to the judges the agreement reached onthe plea deal.

Capital gains, FIGC Court: “The -10 sanction is suitable”

The penalty by which the Federal Court of Appeal has imposed 10 penalty points for Juventus to be discounted in the current sports season, also from an equitable point of view, is “completely suitable to satisfy the criteria of afflictiveness, proportionality and reasonableness”. This concludes the 20 pages of reasons disclosed by the Federal Court of Appeal following the sentence imposed on 22 May last on the Juventus club for the capital gains case. The document then also explains how the sanction was arrived at, specifying that the violation of the principles codified by article 4 of the CGS, by the operational Councilors and the sanctions imposed on them, constitutes “a reference parameter in terms of afflictiveness, proportionality and reasonableness with regard to the sanction to be applied to the sports association”. Therefore “it follows that a criterion of imputation of the rthe related personal responsibilities are reflected in the amount of the fine to be applied to the sports association in the following terms: Fabio Paratici, 30 months of inhibition: 4 penalty points; Andrea Agnelli, 24 months of inhibition: 3 penalty points, given his role as chairman of the BoD and legal representative of the company; Maurizio Arrivabene, 24 months of inhibition: they weigh 2 penalty points, Federico Cherubini 16 months of inhibition: they weigh 1 penalty point”.

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Salary maneuvers in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons

The file covers in detail salary maneuvers in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons, dealings with agents and suspicious partnerships with other clubs. Originally the process had been set for June 15, but the advance is due to the settlement agreement between the federal prosecutor’s office and Juventus which, after the referral, according to art. 127 of the sports justice code, provides passage before the Federal Supreme Court for the approval of the agreement reached between the parties.

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