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Agreement between Tottenham and F1: here is the karting system in a stadium

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Agreement between Tottenham and F1: here is the karting system in a stadium

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Tottenham never stops: after being a candidate for the 2026 Super Bowl, they closed a 15-year agreement with Formula 1 which provides for a series of activations aimed at increasing the value of both brands in their respective worlds

The agreement provides for the opening of the first electric kart system inside the stadium “Tottenham Hotspur Stadium” and London’s longest indoor track, based under the South Stand.

The stadium will therefore become a potential venue for national karting championship races in the coming months. An initiative that Formula 1 wants to exploit to make its single-seaters increasingly popular and create new spaces in which to grow its movement, following up on that revolution that began last season. The karting experience will be the focal point of a long-term partnership between the Club and F1, which will aim to create apprenticeship and career opportunities for young local talents with a view to a project that was also born to bring young and possible future talents in this world, still perceived externally as elitist and in which it is difficult to emerge.

A driver academy program will expand motorsport’s talent pool and help identify the next generation of F1 drivers. The Club and F1 will offer educational activities for schools to engage local youth in motorsport and showcase career opportunities and pathways in areas such as engineering and software development.

Tottenham Hotspur e F1 will collaborate throughout the partnership on initiatives that promote environmental responsibility. F1 is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030, and that goal is part of every decision F1 makes and every initiative it takes.

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‘Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’ is one example of the multi-use nature of the stadium which attracts a diverse range of sports and enthusiasts, creating a wealth of opportunities and experiences for partners, supporters and visitors.

The new Hotspurs stadium is in fact one of the major representatives of the smart arena panorama, whose function is not limited solely to hosting football events, but also other sports such as rugby, American football thanks to the agreement with the NFL, boxing matches , musical concerts, and from this year also the arrival of electric kart single-seaters.

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