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Ahmedov: If there is a beginning, there will be an end, I believe Uzbekistan can enter the World Cup

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Original title: Ahmedov: If there is a beginning, there will be an end, I believe Uzbekistan can enter the World Cup

Article source: Sports Weekly

On the evening of December 18, Tashkent time, at the introduction to the new book of his biography “Road to the Glorious Dream”, the 34-year-old former Uzbekistan national team captain Ahmedov announced his retirement and ended his playing career. In the end, the Chinese Super League Cangzhou Lions became the last team that Ahmedov played for. The final battle of his player career was also fixed on August 11 this year-the 14th round of the Chinese Super League Cangzhou Lions 1-2. Lost to Shandong Taishan.

According to our reporter’s understanding, Akhmedov had terminated the contract with the Cangzhou Lions Club a few weeks ago. When he announced his retirement at this moment, he had become a free agent.

In the past few weeks, there have been divergent opinions about Ahmedov’s next stop. Due to the temporary inability to return to China, several Uzbekistan clubs are very interested in him, but Ahmedov’s statement is always vague. On the 15th of this month, while attending a TV talk show “Offside”, he said frankly, “After the New Year, I will finally decide whether to continue my (player) work. Now everything is hard to tell.” However, he added, “At the end of my career, I have to think about everything. I think I have absolute strength and ability to play in any Uzbekistan league club. But when I think about it, the problem is with me. Who will play against, and those players, these things are very important. I have been abroad and have worked with many professional players, coaches and staff for 10 years. When I compare this, I find that the difference is huge.”

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In fact, in this program at the time, Ahmedov had secretly revealed the idea of ​​retirement, “I am thinking about a lot of things now, it may be a new thing in 2022. Maybe I will not play football again next year, but I There is no such plan yet.” However, for the final personal choice, he still tends to keep it until the last minute to make an announcement. And recently, Ahmedov has been busy with the promotion of his autobiography “The Glorious Dream Road”, but he did not expect that at the new book introduction meeting, he directly announced his retirement decision.

At the moment when he announced his retirement, Ahmedov said frankly, “Everything will have a beginning and an end. Recently, I ended my national team career in Uzbekistan. Today, I made the most difficult decision. I think I have made it. A correct decision. Thanks to my mother, to all my coaches, to the clubs that gave me the opportunity to play-cotton farmers, Anzhi, Krasnodar, Shanghai SIPG, etc., to the Uzbekistan national team, and also to thank you Former Uzbekistan Football Association President Rabrol Usmanov, and current Football Association President Abdusalom Abdumavlonovic Azizov. I also want to thank them for their attention to sports, I believe We (Uzbekistan) will definitely go to the World Cup!”

At the new book introduction meeting, Azizov, who is the current chairman of the Uzbekistan Football Association, also awarded Ahmedov a special Golden Boot Award and praised, “He has become a legend in our football world. I think he He has not left football, he will work for the Football Association and the national youth training, and will continue to contribute to the development of football in our country.”

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Ahmedov’s professional football career lasted for 15 years, first playing for the country’s giant cotton farmers team, and then moved to the Russian Super Anzhi team and Krasnodar. At the end of December 2016, he joined Shanghai SIPG, and immediately embarked on a five-year journey to the Super League. During the period, Ahmedov won the 2018 Super League championship with the team. After being temporarily loaned to Tianjin TEDA last year, Ahmedov moved to the Cangzhou Lions freely in January this year. However, his third stage of the Super League journey was not smooth, the first stage of the 14th round of the league only played 7 times, the team’s performance is also not improving. Subsequently, he returned to Uzbekistan during the intermittent period, but due to some objective circumstances, he finally failed to return before the restart of the Super League.

In fact, after the Cangzhou Lions team confirmed that Sablic will take charge, the club is still striving for the return of Ahmedov. However, since the entry permit for returning to China from Uzbekistan has become stricter since September this year, it has become more difficult for Ahmedov to return to the team. Finally, at the end of last month, Cangzhou Lions had an online in-depth discussion with Ahmedov and his agent. While acquiescing in the players’ freedom to find teams, they actually started to perform the termination procedure.

Of course, in the eyes of Uzbekistan football, Ahmedov, who has won 7 championships in his career and was elected as his country’s football player of the year 6 times, although he was good enough, he failed to participate in the World Cup after all. This is a big deal. Regret. According to Aha himself, he actually decided to end his national team career after losing in the top 12 of the 2018 World Preliminaries. Since then, it was because Cooper and Abramov sent invitations one after another that he changed his mind. When asked about the strongest national team he has experienced, he said, “The 2011 Asian Cup team was the strongest!”Return to Sohu to see more

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