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Albertini: “A leveled championship We are among the most ambitious”

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Albertini: “A leveled championship We are among the most ambitious”


Do you want to meet Mr. Omar Albertini? Just pass by the “Marinoni” sports center, in via Papa Giovanni, in Rovetta. From Monday 1st August and until the late morning of the 14th, you will find it there. Concentrated, studious of details, on the piece, ready for the new adventure. He, in the field, goes down well in advance of the starting time of the session. So already from the “first day of school”.

And yes, because Albertini da Casteggio, an Oltrepadano at the helm of the Oltrepo, does not neglect any detail, also dusting off the old fundamentals of football. With his players it was clear from the very first speech: «We are not here on vacation, nor on a trip. Here we work, here we build the season. So let’s learn how to win ».

His desire spurts from every pore, as if it were the first time. The Oltrepo project gasses it, to die for.

Mister Albertini, why the choice of coaching Oltrepo?

“Why Oltrepo? Because I think the right time has come. A serious project, with foundations, which in this historical moment is one of the most important football projects in the province of Pavia, but not only in the whole of Lombardy ».

What does it mean to be from Oltrepò and lead a team from Oltrepo?

«Representing one’s land is important. It is clear that we must create a whole between the coach, the staff, the club and the players, to understand that we must come to love this shirt. Only with the sense of belonging to the shirt can certain results be obtained ».

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Two years ago, in the mini-tournament of Excellence, the victory with Alcione. Which recipe to go to D?

«More than a recipe, we say it is a challenge. Since some say that it wasn’t a real championship, but winning with those rules was like that, I won it, we won it, me, the team, the staff, the club. Today it will be good, and even more beautiful, given that the championship will be 34 games. It will be better to show that we, the club and the team are worth it, and that we want to try to make this leap ».

Game philosophy and form of the new Oltrepo?

«We have set up a very flexible squad, with important players for the category and which will allow us to have different solutions in the course of work. The importance is the principles that we will have to keep in mind and that will guide us on Sunday. It is clear that we want to be a team that wants to win, because this is the goal, but having fun ».

Satisfied with the squad? Is there still something missing?

“Absolutely yes. We are many here in Rovetta, but I’m happy as we are because we must also have the right numbers in preparation. Problems, injuries can happen, because this is football. The large squad was a choice agreed with the director Raso. I am very satisfied with the remaining players and with those who came to help us. We have achieved all the goals we set ourselves. It is clear that there is always room for improvement ».

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Group A of Excellence just unveiled, which opponents to beat?

«Group soon, which we partly know, with some news. Verbano, Voghera, Pavia, Solbiatese and maybe some other surprise team will be the opponents. We will be there too ».

A first judgment on Pavia, Vogherese and the Accademia Pavese.

«I believe that the province of Pavia has four teams of Excellence and all four want to have an excellent championship. Then maybe the goals are not the same, but all have set up squads to make a great season. It will be a level championship, longer but important ». –

alessandro Maggi

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