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Alessandra Amoroso: “My music to help others. Words must be weighed, they can hurt”

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Alessandra Amoroso: “My music to help others. Words must be weighed, they can hurt”

Music can and should send positive messages”. That’s what he claims Alexandra Amoroso (36 years old), the singer who last summer was the second Italian female artist (behind Laura Pausini) to conquer the Meazza Stadium in Milan with the eagerly awaited event “Everything happens at San Siro”, the 200th concert of his career, and which is now proposing the essence of that live performance in Italian sports halls. Among the next dates of the “Everything happens tours” there are Firenze (on December 7 at the Nelson Mandela Forum), Napoli (on December 9 and 10 at the Pala Partenope), Salerno (December 12 at the Pala Sele in Eboli), Padova (16 December Kioene Arena), Turin (Pala Alpitour, 17 December) e Milano (Mediolanum Forum of Assago, 21 December).

“Everything happens tour” is taking its “Everything happens tour” around Italy

Alessandra, is the gender gap still evident in Italian music?

“Absolutely yes. Gender equality and equal opportunities, in music as in life, pass through actions and not just through words. So I chose to open each show with the performance of one of the artists chosen together with Equal, Spotify’s global program, launched in 2021, which promotes gender equity in music. Only one in five artists on the charts is female, a figure in stark contrast to the key role and great influence of women in both the success of Spotify and the music industry in general. It’s a way to support the idea of ​​equality I believe in and to go beyond labels”.

Her commitment does not stop at gender equality. For example, you are also very active on the issue of civil rights…

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“Yes, let’s say that my commitment has always been towards caring for others: treating others well makes me feel good. This work can give light and space to situations or people often pushed aside. I have always wanted to be on the side of right and good and, obviously by choosing the topics to be addressed, I believe that my word can help others”.

Alessandra Amoroso, 36 years old
Alessandra Amoroso, 36 years old

Speaking of words, those he receives on social media are not always positive…

“Sometimes I read about imaginary boyfriends and then I have a good laugh, other times I find insults and unkind words and then it’s not good. For example, before the San Siro event they also wished me dead: when you read certain things you obviously feel bad but I have big shoulders, I’m structured and I don’t let myself be influenced. My concern is for the youngest, there is too much aggression on social networks: there are those who offend for the way they dress, for their gender, for their intimate choices. And many boys and girls may not have the strength to report, they feel bad, a deep evil that is not always confided in their parents or friends. You have to be more careful about what you say and how you say it”.

Are you also very environmentally conscious?

“The protection of the planet is one of the great themes of this century. Since I was a child, I’ve been used to not wasting water or turning off the light if it wasn’t necessary. In my concerts I try to limit waste and pay attention to the use of plastic: they are the small daily gestures which, if done by everyone, can contribute to making great things”.

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Alessandra Amoroso in one of her many concerts
Alessandra Amoroso in one of her many concerts

Where does your passion for music come from?

“In the family we are all singers, the first duets I did with my mother, she has a nightingale voice, I’m a little bigger so that when I sang in the church choir they always put me in the back. And I like all the music: from gospel to the cornerstones of Italian music such as Mina, Battisti, Morandi and Baglioni, passing through Anastacia and Alicia Keys”.

If I say “Friends”, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

“The first time I entered the studio, I had an indescribable enthusiasm. I didn’t think I heard ‘Alessandra admitted’. I didn’t imagine what would happen next, at that moment I was simply euphoric. Today, after many years, I’ve grown up, I feel more mature and resolute, but that young Alessandra full of passion is always alive within me”.

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