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Alexia Putellas: Fighting for Transparency and Gender Equality in Sports

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Alexia Putellas: Fighting for Transparency and Gender Equality in Sports

Spanish Women’s Soccer Captain Alexia Putellas has spoken out about the recent controversies surrounding the Spanish National Team and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). In a press conference prior to a match against Sweden in the Nations League, Putellas emphasized that the players have never asked for the dismissal of anyone from the RFEF, contrary to recent claims. She stated that the players have instead expressed concerns and conveyed information to the appropriate people, but ultimately the coach and sports director remained the same person.

Putellas also highlighted the ongoing fight for transparency and equal treatment in women’s football. She stated that the players had been demanding to be heard for a long time, as they had been subjected to systematic discrimination for decades. The breaking point came with the recent incident in the final and subsequent RFEF assembly, which led to a declaration of zero tolerance for abuse and discrimination.

Putellas expressed optimism for the future, stating that the recent agreements reached will improve not only women’s sports but also society as a whole. She acknowledged the toll that the situation has taken on the players, as they have been dealing with sleepless nights and challenging circumstances. However, she emphasized their determination to continue fighting for equality and urged for zero tolerance towards those who have enabled or encouraged abuse.

The Barcelona soccer player specifically mentioned teammate Jenni Hermoso, whose experience highlighted the failures of the system and protocols in place. Putellas expressed hope that their actions would prevent future instances of mistreatment for other women in the sport. She also criticized the delayed response and attempts to discredit Hermoso by certain individuals within the RFEF.

Putellas’ remarks shed light on the ongoing struggles for gender equality and fair treatment in women’s sports. The Spanish National Team continues to push for change and is determined to make a positive impact on the sport and society as a whole.

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