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Alfredo Cospito sentenced to 23 years. No life sentence for the anarchist

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Alfredo Cospito sentenced to 23 years.  No life sentence for the anarchist

There were no dead and wounded. No one was hurt: when the first bomb exploded in front of the Carabinieri school of Fossano, the military did not perceive the danger and did not leave the barracks. And when the second bomb exploded, no one was on the street: the only damage was to the rubbish bins. And it is for this reason that the anarchist attack of 6 June 2006, while worth an accusation of “political massacre”, is not worth a “never end sentence”. This interpretation is offered by the Court of Assizes of Appeal, presided over by Alessandra Bassi, which inflicted on Alfredo Cospito, the insurrectionist anarchist subjected to the 41 bis regime in the prison of Sassari, a sentence of 23 years (the Attorney General had asked for life imprisonment).

While Anna Beniamino, a former partner of the 56-year-old insurrectionist, was sentenced to 17 years and 9 months (27 years and one month had been requested for her). Both were granted a minor extenuating circumstance.

“No evidence against me”

“There is no evidence that we planted the bombs in Fossano. This is an idea trial. Anarchists do not make indiscriminate massacres, because anarchists are not the state”. A few hours after the verdict, Alfredo Cospito asked to be able to make spontaneous declarations once again and for the first time since the opening of the trial Scripta Manent denies his involvement in the attack. The anarchist, considered the FAI/FRI ideologue, clarified that «in twenty years of attacks by anarchist groups there has never been a dead person. Clearly they were all demonstrative bombings.

President Bassi interrupts him twice to remind him that the procedure concerns only the calculation of the sentence and that his responsibility for the facts of which he is accused has already been established with a final sentence.

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Cospito, however, insists: «In this process, persistence and oddities are evident. When the bombing happened, no one paid much attention to it. Then the Cassation transformed a simple massacre into a political massacre». And again: «There is no certainty that whoever carried out that attack wanted to kill, one cannot rely on expert reports made afterwards. There is no proof that Anna and I planted the bombs in Fossano».

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