Home Sports Alghisi: “Pavia, Voghe and overseas on par with Serie D is a dutiful goal for all”

Alghisi: “Pavia, Voghe and overseas on par with Serie D is a dutiful goal for all”

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Alghisi: “Pavia, Voghe and overseas on par with Serie D is a dutiful goal for all”

Football Excellence. Season 2022-23 towards the start, the Landriano coach assigns the “report cards” of the provincial formations

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It is Pavia, Thursday, to inaugurate the ritual of the gatherings, a traditional starting point of each football season. Then the other three provincial teams of excellence will follow: Oltrepo (New entry born from the merger of Varzi and Broni), Vogherese, Pavese Academy. The skeleton of the teams is largely done already, even if the market allows you to make retouches and necessary additions to the staff. Who, so far, has moved better, deserving the palm of Queen in the summer? What is the bang that makes the fans dream the most? Who favored it for the final victory in the championship? We ask Maurizio Alghisi, long -term technician of Landriano, an excellent connoisseur of the amateur categories, already on the benches of ODB and Oltrevoghe, just to name a few.

A slight preference

«I put Pavia, Vogherese and overseas on par for potential and organic, perhaps with the overseas that has a little more than the others, also for the financial availability. All three have a duty, I would also say moral, to aim for Serie D, which would be a slightly more suited to the tradition and history of provincial football. Even if a square like Pavia, objectively, would deserve the Lega Pro. The ranking of the last championship, with Calvairate in front of Pavia, made the heart cry. As for the Academy, it obviously has other objectives, this is well known, the patron Panigati is one who knows how to plan and in recent years has always shown that he knows how to make him plans for him ».

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The benches? «Giacomotti, whom I know very well, rates and Albertini (technicians, respectively, of Voghe, Pavia and Oltrepo) are the top of the category and have all the potential to do well even if then to win it will be one. By the way, among the potentially more fierce rivals I put the two of Milan and then it will depend on the group: if the Pavesi end with the Bergamo, there will be pain. Another unknown is the Castellana, ours must hope that it remains in the Emilian group, because that very hot square is better to avoid it ». The market crash? «I say Garcia, the striker bought by Pavia. If the blue club manages to make him play with Blazevic (the Croatian who arrived in the second part of last season, now in negotiations to return to the lucky one), forms a formidable couple, stronger than the attack of Varese “. One last consideration on the managers: «Everyone good, but allow me to make two names: Fabrizio Bonfoco, who will make Nibbiano and Dario Aquali win. Too bad that the football of our house has made them escape or not enhance them ». –

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