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Alice Neri, another night in that parking lot

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Alice Neri, another night in that parking lot

Modena, 20 January 2023 They sat down at the table and he had a drink that time too. During the aperitif they had lost themselves in chatter and, as happened on the mysterious night of November 17, while her colleague had left immediately after saying goodbye, she had been waiting in the carin the parking.

Alice Neri, Mohamed and a mysterious white car: the yellow thickens

Apparently that November 17 was not the first time that Alice Nerithe young mother of Rami di Ravarino barbarously killed two months agowe made an appointment for an aperitif with my colleague Marco Cuccui at the Smart Cafè in Concordia. The victim and the young Sardinianin fact, they had also met on November 10, a week before the crime: on that date, apparently the victim, after saying goodbye to her colleague, had stopped in the parking lot of the club. Exactly the same dynamic – based on what emerged from the investigations – happened on the last night Alice was able to smile. In fact, the young man would have explained that at the end of both evenings Alice had sat behind her wheel but she had never left, so much so that he, tired of waiting, had started the car and returned home. It also seems that the victim, over appetizers constantly replying to messages that arrived on her mobile phone and that captured her attention.

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Alice Neri killed and burned, the mystery car appears: “He was following his Ford Fiesta”

Alice Neri killed and burned, the mystery car appears:

In view of the hearing, next January 24, at the Bologna court of freedom, in which the judges will determine whether or not to release the main suspect for the crime of the 32-year-old, or Mohamed Gaaloul, new questions are added in the enigmatic murder of Concordia. Waiting for the victim, aboard the car, outside the Smart Cafè also on November 10th shows that perhaps even that night Alice was about to meet someone, after greeting the colleague. Or maybe she was ‘lagging behind’ to reply to some message. Were you really waiting for Mohamed Gaaloul? Or is there another ‘figure’ that revolves around the tragic story?

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What is certain is that the 29-year-old Tunisian had from the start excluded from knowing the victim, admitting only that he accepted the ride at 3.40 on that Thursday night. Just as the fact remains that at 5.12 on Friday 18 November Alice’s Ford was immortalized by the cameras as she re-entered the provincial road, after having stood still for over an hour on the embankment. Did she stay with Mohamed till that hour Alice? What happened next? Is it really possible to exclude a priori that you did not meet a third person at dawn on Friday?

Gaaloul had said he was absolutely extraneous to the affair but the evidence collected by the prosecutor would ‘give him’ as the only suspect in the heinous crime. They will be able to say a lot the results of the analyzes on Gaaloul’s mobile phone as well as telephone interceptions, technical consultancy and further ‘frames’ collected by the approximately 60 cameras in the area. In the meantime, the prosecution has filed further folders, or investigative documents that contain testimonies, wiretaps, video recordings.

“On Tuesday the hearing in the liberty court will be discussed but I do not exclude the possibility of asking for a postponement of a few days to better study the papers – underlines the lawyer Roberto Ghini – There are two folders of documents: several hundred pages to read, video footage to view and it will be essential to understand if there are more elements. In this case, or if the elements turn out to be the same, we will discuss the review that day”.

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