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All 49 records of Cristiano Ronaldo

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The Portuguese ground up firsts upon firsts. Even in Italy, where he was also the fastest player to reach 50 centers

With Cristiano Ronaldo the pace is frenetic, frenzied, incessant. With every handful of games a new reason emerges to place the Portuguese at the top of a league table of some kind, to notice that he has surpassed yet another record. During the break of the championships he became the player to have scored the most goals of all with the shirt of a national team on his shoulders and a few days later Lionel Messi imitated him by limiting himself to South America. Yesterday, in his second European debut with the Manchester United shirt, the Portuguese added yet another record to his personal collection: CR7 has in fact paired with former goalkeeper Iker Casillas as the player with the most Champions League appearances, both limiting himself to the phase final (177), and also considering the qualifications (181). Appointment three two weeks for the throne alone.


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