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Alleghe Hockey, appeal to the fans. “Saturday follow us to Cortina”

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Alleghe Hockey, appeal to the fans.  “Saturday follow us to Cortina”

It is not their home, but the Alleghe is confident in receiving cheering and support from the Cortinese fans as well. In fact, the Civette will play at the “Olimpico” in Cortina on Saturday at 8.30 pm, in the third of Serie B. Opponent Varese, who could not make the requested turnaround. The proposal of the Lombards had been to go to Aosta, but it would have been even more complicated for the Agordini.

We then go to the home of Hafro, among other things, the club with which the Alleghe collaborates this year at a youth level and beyond. In fact, the Cortina sends some of its own boys with high hopes to strengthen the roster of coach Fontana and the main teams of the nursery are carried out in synergy, with training now only at the Olimpico given the closure of De Toni.

Adriano Levis

“We trust the Belluno public will follow us anyway, even if we are not in Alleghe”, comments the president Adriano Levis. “In such a complicated moment, counting on a little presence at our side would give morale both to the club and to the team.”

Beyond the ice story, the start of the senior training season was a nightmare. A very heavy backhand against Caldaro and an already more honorable one against Pergine, but still with four goals.

«The history of the stadium has disturbed everyone, it is useless to go around it. There was a lack of concentration to prepare for the season and matches. Turning here and there to train and play doesn’t help, in any case, now some players of great thickness are on the way to recovery ».

The Owls are doing everything to overcome the complications of nomadism. «With Feltre we organize a training session on the weekend dedicated to those who are going to the world of hockey, while the biggest youth teams are hosted in Cortina. The goal is not to lose any athlete, hoping soon a solution will be found to the unavailability of De Toni ».

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