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Allegri and Campos (Psg) in Montecarlo But the coach remains at Juventus

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Photographed in front of the Hotel de Paris: the farewell to the bianconeri denied

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Paparazzati in Place du Casino, in the heart of Monte Carlo, in front of the luxurious Hotel de Paris, Luis Campos and Massimiliano Allegri ignite a weak Wednesday market. The Portuguese manager, after having crossed football in multiple guises – coach, scout, technical director – and valued an infinite number of top players, from Mbappé to Bakayoko, has in fact collected Leonardo’s legacy at PSG and is completing the casting for the bench: the association that invaded the social networks and sparked a lively debate is taken for granted, especially since in recent days the Juventus coach had been included among the candidates with Zinedine Zidane and Christhope Galtier.

Did they come out of a summit? Were they expecting someone? Was a technical project unrolled between marble and nineteenth-century crystals? Beyond an awkward attempt to backdate the image, the official version, supported by the good knowledge of the two soccer men, talks about a chance meeting allowed by mutual friendships during a vacation clipping in the Principality and, for once, despite the history of the market pushes to mistrust, one can listen without conspiracy: whether an availability has been requested or a draft contract has been fanned out, or that everything has really been resolved in a chat, the ending is unique: there are no ambitions or millions that can turn into temptations for Allegri. He chose to return to Juventus a year ago and has no intention of taking a step back, immersed in a reconstruction plan in which, despite a contradictory first season, he blindly believes. It is not a question of contractual duration – he is linked to Juventus until June 2025 – but of belonging and conviction. A strong relationship with the club and with Turin, even stronger than some recent divergences on strategies, in some cases not trivial, but never such as to cross the comparison and let a tear flash: Allegri will continue his black and white path and the PSG will choose a another leader, at the moment the favorite is Galtier, last season in Nice, who worked with Campos at Lille. Certainly, from different perspectives, the manager and the coach talked about Pogba: released from Manchester United, he became the target of Sheikh Nasser Al-Khelaifi but a higher engagement and the suggestion of Paris have not affected the word given to Juve and already became a signature.

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The “Pogback” was never up for discussion and although the announcement could take a couple of weeks, the documents are complete. Other hyphen between Allegri and PSG is Angel Di Maria, freed from the French and courted by Juve: decisive hours to find a meeting point on salary and duration of the contract. The attacking winger – Eintracht’s Filip Kostic also competing – is a priority in a market that focuses on redemptions: Merih Demiral returns to Turin, probably passing through after Atalanta renounces the right, while Alvaro Morata returns to Atletico Madrid, but negotiations immediately restart to get him back on loan again. –

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