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Allegri: The traditional game allows new players to understand the DNA of Juventus

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Original title: Allegri: The traditional game allows the new aid to understand Juventus DNA, this year’s Serie A championship will be more intense

Allegri: The traditional game allows new players to understand Juventus DNA

Live it on August 5th Juventus conducted a traditional pre-season warm-up in Villaperosa. The two sides were the Juventus first team and the U23 youth team.

Juventus coach Allegri said: “This is an important day for new players to realize what Juventus means, passion, hunger, dedication and everything that is in Juventus DNA. We have some injuries and suspensions. players, but we’ll deal with it. Now we have to prepare for the next friendly against Atletico Madrid.”

Pogba, who watched the game from the touchline, decided to forgo knee surgery and instead underwent five weeks of conservative treatment to treat a damaged lateral meniscus in his right knee.

Allegri: “I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know what’s best, I just believe what I’ve been told, he’s going to have five weeks of treatment and then we hope he recovers as quickly as possible.”

“We brought in Pogba and Di Maria, so I think it’s a very good move, it’s a competitive squad. We need more players and by August 31 the squad will be better. Complete. Inter, Milan and Roma have a much stronger squad than last season, so it will be very difficult to win the Scudetto. Last season we also aimed to win the title, but the other teams are also very competitive and this year even more so.”

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