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Alpago Sky Super 3 to Cecilia De Filippo and Francesco Lorenzi

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Anna Dal Farra was also on the podium. Sandro Salvador best Belluno. The race remembered the three boys of the Alpine Rescue

The signing of Francesco Lorenzi and Cecilia De Filippo from Verona in the ninth edition of Alpago Sky Super 3, the mountain running event in Chies d’Alpago, for the organization of the Dolomiti ski-alp ski club and the Transcavallo Committee in synergy with the local pro loco, wants to honor the memory of Andrea Zanon, David Cecchin and Maudi De March, the three boys of the Alpine Rescue who fell on Monte Cridola in the summer of 2012.

Three races: the Sky 3 route, the Mini Sky 3, and the Walk for all, test without rankings, accessible to those who simply want to walk and enjoy the beauty of the area. In the most awaited race, the Sky 3 route (20.5 km of development and 1,945 m of positive difference in height), Enrico Bonati, a local from Polesine in Alpago, starts strongly, Luca Fabris from Treviso and Francesco Lorenzi from Verona. It is the latter who, in the middle of the ascent, forces the pace and decisively takes the reins of command to pass solitary on top of Venal.

Downhill, he is aware of the first technical part, towards the Toffolon bivouac, then forces again to check at the end when the advantage is completely safe. 2h23’26 ”the chronometric confirmation.

Behind, the situation is fluid, with four athletes alternating on the virtual podium. Fabris and Bonati pass second and third on the top of the Venal, followed at a short distance by Christian Modena and Daniele Meneghel from Trentino. It is these two who get on the real podium at the finish line in Chies, thanks to an excellent descent: Modena second, with a gap of 1’25 “, Meneghel third at 3’45”. To complete the top five Fabris and Bonati, respectively 4’32 “and 8’56”.

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Female domination by Cecilia De Filippo, first in 2h56’37 ”. For her this is the third success after the victories of 2015 and 2017. Place of honor for Anna Dal Farra (who rises one position compared to last year), third Milena Pasin. Two home athletes to complete the top five: in the order Ornella Bona and Roberta Dal Borgo.

The Mini Sky 3, 10 kilometers and 695 meters in altitude with start and finish in Lamosano, saw the success of Roberto Fregona, from Treviso who wears the colors of Alpago Tornado Run and who also made three of a kind after the victories of the 2019 and 2020. First woman from Zoldo Martina Brustolon.

Alpago Sky 3 men: 1. Francesco Lorenzi 2h23.26; 2. Christian Modena 2h24.51; 3. Daniele Meneghel 2h27.11; 4. Luca Fabris 2h27.58; 5. Enrico Bonati 2h32.22; 6. Nicola Giovanelli 2h34.03; 7. Fabrizio Puntel 2h34.58; 8. Andrea Mattiato 2h35.13; 9. Andrea Protti 2h38.21; 10. Luca Carrara 2h40.36; 11. Tiziano Scatolin 2h44.36; 12. Tommaso Tessaro 2h45.36; 13. Sandro Salvador 2h46.06; 14. Daniele Roccon 2h47.26; 15. Ronnie Armor 2h48.59.

Alpago Sky 3 female: 1. Cecilia De Filippo 2h56.37; 2. Anna Dal Farra 3h07.40; 3. Milena Pasin 3h24.52; 4. Ornella Bona 3h27.27; 5. Roberta Dal Borgo 3h30.53. Mini Ski 3 male: 1. Roberto Fregona 47.41; 2. Matteo Costa 50.09; 3. Lorenzo Pais Bianco 50.25. Women’s Mini Ski 3: 1. Martina Brustolon 1h00.50; 2. Kristel Mottin 1h00.54; 3. Sara Cavallet 1h01.32. Ilario Tancon


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