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Alpine skiing, Goggia on holiday in Dubai. Rulfi: “It wasn’t necessary…”

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Alpine skiing, Goggia on holiday in Dubai.  Rulfi: “It wasn’t necessary…”

The head coach of the Azzurri and Sofia’s moment: “Everything goes well with her, even if sometimes the light goes out… Well done to Brignone, Bassino got the wrong match. Too bad for the young players”

From our correspondent Claudio Lenzi


“Holiday in the heat? Not that it’s necessary, but if one wants to do it…”. The message from the technical director of the blues Gianluca Rulfi to Sofia Goggia comes loud and clear at the end of the Plan de Corones giant, even if there is no polemical intent. For Rulfi, who will turn 59 on January 31st, there is a comparison that makes you smile: “Before the Vancouver 2010 Games, Innerhofer had also been sent on vacation to the Red Sea, but only because he was a bit ‘burnt’ and we advised him to take some time with your girlfriend”.

Black out Sofia

For Sofia Goggia, however, it is different. The “escape” had been planned for some time, he should have announced it via social media if it had been a triumph in Cortina, instead it went like this with a success and a fall downhill, plus the forfeit in super-G. “Everything goes well with her, even if every now and then the light goes out, she goes black out and she doesn’t even understand why. It was really strange in Cortina, everything had gone well right from rehearsals and then…” . The 30-year-old from Bergamo took off for the Emirates on Sunday and she will return on Saturday, to be back with the team at San Pellegrino the following day. “She likes these things here, she sometimes she prefers to do the thing a little more strange, maybe she loads for the next races.”

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Brignone and the others

For the head coach of the women’s blue sector there is then the analysis of the first giant of Plan de Corones: “A day in chiaroscuro – he explains – Federica (Brignone, ed.) was good at pushing the second heat, even if she failed to remain in the same position at the end. Bassino, on the other hand, didn’t really come out in the first heat, he had it in his head more difficult than it was. In the second he showed, without doing anything special, that he could stay there Finally, it’s a pity for the young girls who do everything right in the European Cup and then arrive here and disappear in a race that is within everyone’s reach. I understand the emotion, but if you ski badly…”.

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