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Alto Canavese from the top, Grosjacques shows the way

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Alto Canavese from the top, Grosjacques shows the way

The thirty-year-old is in his fifth consecutive season in Cuorgnè: “The last one was the best, but we still want to grow”


Andrea Grosjacques, a 30-year-old physical education teacher from Aosta, is about to experience his fifth consecutive season among the ranks of the Alto Canavese in men’s Serie B.

He is the longest-lived player on the cuorgnatesi roster. Arrived in the 2018/2019 season from Olimpia Aosta, Grosjacques immediately made the doublete on his first attempt with the blue shirt, winning both the Serie C championship and the Piedmont Cup. a truly triumphal start in Canavese, while in the other three years in two circumstances he reached the playoffs of B, as he says: “I arrive from Olimpia Aosta, the club with which I had won the C, but then there were no prospects for play in B and then I decided to change. The current coach, Fabio Matteotti, also contributed to making me come to the Alto Canavese and so I landed in the 2018-2019 season in Cuorgnè, a club where I have always had a great time. As for what has been the best year so far, saying the first year where we went up to B and won the Piedmont Cup would be too easy. Instead, I choose the last season, the one in which I had more continuity of performance, the one in which I also improved in reception as fundamental – explains Grosjacques -. In terms of results we finished second and we saw the dream of climbing to A3 vanish only in the playoff semifinal against Scanzorosciate ».

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A very important technical growth that Grosjacques had in these first four years with the Alto Canavese jersey. One of the secrets is undoubtedly the work done weekly in the gym. Also this year Grosjacques can’t wait to start training with the rest of his teammates and to prepare for a new season, which promises to be more difficult than the previous ones, as he explains: “From many quarters I hear that many teams have strengthened and it will be difficult to be able to hit the playoffs again, but we want to give our best in every game to try to do even better than last season. During this market session some very good players arrived, for me it is not a problem, far from it. The personal goal that I set myself is to still be able to carve out a place in the team and I will only be able to do it by continuing to work with intensity and determination in the gym and always fielding quality, which translated means committing the least number of errors both subnet, than being received. Then the last decision on my job will be up to the coach, the priority is that Alto Canavese win ». –

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