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Alto Canavese stop A Savigliano does not play

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A positivity to Covid in the team’s staff and the postponement Two more games to recover, perhaps the first Friday


Alto Canavese misses another match for Covid. After the match against Acqui Terme in the first leg (fourth day), the Alto Canavese (group B1, men’s series B) also postponed the match against the Cuneo side of Savigliano. The away match was scheduled on the last day of the group.

During the week a Coronavirus positivity was ascertained to a member of the staff of the first team of the Alto Canavese, as explained by the second coach of the Alto Canavese, Katia Tamone: “Unfortunately, in the middle of the week we received the news of the positivity of one of our members of the technical staff of the first team and since there are no times established by the protocol to carry out the swabs (72 hours before the game you must have the positive and negative results), we warned Savigliano and postponed the game, as a precaution. In addition, on Thursday some managers of Acqui Terme, a team that we faced seven days before, called us, informing us that they too had found a positivity during the week and so we decided to suspend training as a precaution – says Tamone -. Against Savigliano, if the opposite owner Claudio Avalle had trained regularly both Thursday and Friday, he would most likely have started from the beginning, with the formation that would have been formed by Carlevaris in dribbling, Avalle in the opposite, at the center Giacobbo and Spinello, in the Bolla band and Grosjacques (at this moment slightly favored both on Captain Argilagos and on Menardo, ed) and with Libero Sansanelli. Too bad – says Tamone – but we made the most correct choice, we are primarily interested in preventing everyone to avoid contagion, never as in this particular period, this aspect is fundamental ».

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Katia Tamone is already looking ahead and talks about the near future: “If we can train regularly this week, we will recover the match with Savigliano this Friday, April 2, starting at 9 pm – explains Tamone – otherwise we will have to find another date, which is not however, it will be Saturday 17 April, because by that date we will already have another recovery, the one with Acqui Terme, in Alessandria, always hoping that the situation will not worsen further in the coming days. We will do the quick swabs as soon as possible, in the hope both the technical staff and the players are all negative. Of course, the hope is that they will continue to be all negative and that we can end the season regularly. So we start training again and take the field on Saturday night to play ».

Said of the postponement of Savigliano-Alto Canavese, in the same mini group the match between Acqui Terme and Ciriè was also postponed, again for causes related to Covid-19, while the confrontation between Sant’Anna, San Mauro team Torinese and Pavic, team instead of Romagnano Sesia in the province of Novara, ended 3-1.

By virtue of what happened in this last round of the first phase, this is the ranking of the mini group B1, waiting to play the recoveries (in total there are six games to be played all in April in which, with the exception of Pavic, all the other five formations are involved): Ciriè ed Alto Canavese points 18; Savigliano 17; Acqui Terme 10; Pavic 5; Sant’Anna 4.

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Matches to recover: Acqui 4; Cirie 3; Savigliano and Alto Canavese 2; Sant’Anna 1. –

Loris Ponsetto

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