Home Sports Amazing Dolada: on Saturday the final for the A1 against the Quadrifoglio

Amazing Dolada: on Saturday the final for the A1 against the Quadrifoglio

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Amazing Dolada: on Saturday the final for the A1 against the Quadrifoglio

A curious selfie of Dolada at the end of the race

Overwhelmed Cussignacco in the return semifinal. In a week he will try the big leap


Dolada Seribell is in the final. The Serie A2 bowling team from Ponte nelle Alpi also wins the return of the playoff semifinals against Cussignacco. Two weeks after the 19-8 victory in the first leg played in Friuli, the Belluno players do even better within the friendly walls of Cavarzano’s Palabocce and win with a very large 20-6.

On Saturday, on the neutral of Torre di Pordenone, the final for the A1 will face Dolada and Quadrifoglio di Fagagna.

“The group got together and pulled off a performance from a level team”, comments captain Renato Salvador, “in a difficult day for two reasons: on the one hand, Cussignacco was returning all of its strongest players who had not taken the field until today in the league for the rules of the super green pass; on the other hand we did not have Andrea Carlin, due to an injury, and Fabio Carlin, due to family commitments ».

To fly to the final, the people of Belluno still needed to win the return match (a defeat, in fact, would have sent the two teams to the “play-offs”). The Pontalpini tried to close the practice early, but Cussignacco managed to stay (at least arithmetically) in the game until the last round of the traditional games.

At the start of the race, Lino Frare won the combined (30-18 on Juretig); Sergio Tiso and Renato Salvador won the first couple (11-6 against Stefan and Zufferli); Walter Olivato, Fabrizio Basano and Biagio De Vecchi took home the game in backhoe (11-3 against Bratoni, Pascolat and Caporale). Only in the first individual were the grenades forced to surrender (11-1 in favor of Percan who overtook Mauro Carlin, then replaced by Andrea Lorenzetto). In the relay Lorenzetto and Fabrizio Basano deserved the victory (42-37 against Zufferli and Percam). And so the two precision shots also smiled at the home team: Frare prevailed 25-6 over Zufferli, Biagio De Vecchi was preferred 16-13 with the more experienced Juretig.

In the progressive shot, however, Dolada failed to close the score: in the first Lorenzetto was beaten 28-25 by Juretig, in the second Basano lost 33-36 against Zufferli. In any case, in the last round Dolada amply legitimized the victory by making full loot: Sergio Tiso and Diego Divina won the second couple (9-3 over Zufferli and Cocoricchio), Enzo Di Tos took over the second individual ( 11-2 on Juretig), Frare emulated him in the third individual (11-2 on Pascolat), Salvador and De Vecchi put their signature on the third pair (5-1 on Percan and Stefan).

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