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Ambra’s lawyers on Lady Pazzini’s house: “Privacy violated, distorted news”

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Ambra’s lawyers on Lady Pazzini’s house: “Privacy violated, distorted news”

The attacker’s wife had accused Allegri’s ex-partner of living in an apartment owned by him without having more titles: “Me in a hotel and she in my house: absurd”

Ten months. The rent of the house he had taken to live with his daughter Jolanda and with his partner, in the meantime become ex, Massimiliano Allegri, had to last so long. But in that apartment in the center of Milan Ambra Angiolini still lives there and the owner, the wedding planner Silvia Slitti, doesn’t stay there. In a long video posted on Instagram, the wife of the former football player Giampaolo Pazzini says she is “sorry, embittered and sad” and, announcing that she has turned to a lawyer, she asks “simply to get back something that is mine”.

“It’s a bad story, there are lawyers involved, I’m not used to making a mess on social media”, the X Factor judge replied to Selvaggia Lucarelli, in an interview published by the newspaper Domani. Ambra’s lawyers then added to the columns of Repubblica, speaking of “news reported in a distorted and inappropriate way with reference to a strictly personal affair being dealt with by the lawyers of the parties involved. The violation of privacy and good repute is evident. by Ambra Angiolini, who immediately requires the cessation of any further disclosure of inferences and comments “.

Question and answer

In the long post on Instagram Silvia Slitti begs Ambra to be able to set foot in her home, rented when with her husband she had decided to spend the period of lockdowns and the pandemic by the sea. “It is an unpleasant situation from a personal and human point of view, not just legal – she explains – We went through legal channels because there was a contract”. Ten months, in fact, at the end of which the house remained occupied and the rent would no longer be honored. “I tried first of all for dialogue, we talked to each other and I even granted her an extension, until September 15 – says Ms. Pazzini in the long outburst, taken from various newspapers – I was convinced it was all right, but one day she Angiolini’s assistant called: she told me that the lady was very busy, that I no longer had to bother her and that she doesn’t have time to deal with a move until several months, but not within the year. Allegri? He is super helpful, he always paid, for the entire duration of the contract, except that the contract was until June 30th. We are in September and I have to stay in the hotel. Me in the hotel and she in my house, absurd “, concludes Mrs. Slitti-Pazzini.

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