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America vs. Cruz Azul: Why was there no penalty on Zendejas?

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America vs.  Cruz Azul: Why was there no penalty on Zendejas?

In a heated match last Saturday between América and Cruz Azul in the Young Classic of Mexican soccer, controversy arose over a potential foul in the area. The game ended with a narrow victory for América, but the focus was on an incident involving Erik Lira and Alejandro Zendejas.

During the second half, Lira appeared to foul Zendejas in the penalty area, but the referee, assisted by the VAR, decided not to award a penalty. The Referees Commission later released an explanation of the play on social media, along with the audio of the conversation between the officials.

Referee Óscar Mejía was heard defending his decision not to call a foul initially, stating, “Nothing, nothing, the foot is planted, it’s on the ground… and the other player is already loosening up.” After reviewing the footage, the VAR concurred with Mejía’s assessment and the game continued.

The Commission explained that Lira had kept his leg planted on the ground when Zendejas approached and attempted to play the ball. They also suggested that Zendejas may have simulated contact before any actual contact occurred.

Although this was the only play where VAR audio was disclosed, other incidents were analyzed throughout the game. América had four goals disallowed in the first half, with some decisions being reviewed by video technology.

The controversy surrounding the match has sparked debate among fans and experts, highlighting the importance of transparency and communication in refereeing decisions.

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