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America’s Cup, third place final: Colombia-Peru 3-2, Diaz’s goal in ’94

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The Cafeteros impose a comeback with a goal from Diaz in the 94th minute, winning the consolation final. The momentary draw of the Benevento striker was useless

Five goals and 95 minutes of intense battle that give Colombia the lowest step of the podium. The final for the third and fourth place rewards the Cafeteros, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of a mocked Peru just seconds from the final whistle, when penalties seemed inevitable. Cuadrado shines once again at the Mané Garrincha of Brasilia, who closes the tournament with another capital performance seasoned by the goal that starts the Colombian comeback at the beginning of the second half. The best of the field, however, is the striker of Porto, Luis Diaz, author of a brace that allows him to hook Messi at the top of the top scorer of the tournament with four centers. His paw in full recovery that signs the 3-2 final. Lapadula’s nose is not enough for Blanquirroja.

hurricane diaz

Cuadrado and Zapata are the only “Italians” on the pitch from the start in a Colombia that started slowly and ended with a crescendo. The Cafeteros are immediately masters of the game thanks to the ability to dribble in the middle of the field guaranteed by Cardona, Barrios and Cuellar. The Juventus winger is instead the usual extra weapon, but it takes the whole first half to get going. Gareca’s strategy in fact allows Peru to contain the opposing outbursts without too many worries, and then hit with quick restarts that lead shortly before the break to Yotun’s goal, well primed by Cueva.


Opposite script instead in the second half, thanks to the modifications of Rueda (who changes three pawns in the first 10 ‘) and above all the paw of Cuadrado, who immediately signs the equalizer on a free kick. From then on, the scene is all for Luis Diaz: the 24-year-old Porto striker benefits from the entry of Borja in place of an off Zapata, advances the range and begins to cause shivers in Gallese slipping between the static defense shirts Peruvian. At 66 ‘the first seal after two unsuccessful attempts, while at 93’ he extracts a powerful shot from distance that closes the games by cutting Peru’s legs. Among the few positive notes for Gareca, once again Lapadula’s performance: the Benevento striker struggles, sacrifices himself in the first 45 ‘and is the last to surrender after the illusory 2-2 signed in the 82nd minute on football. ‘angle. He closes his first America’s Cup with a haul of three goals and the affection of a supporter who has elected him the new idol.


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