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amputees feet and fingers

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amputees feet and fingers

And sometimes life rages, and becomes feline, and roars with rage, and turns destinies upside down, and squeezes in pincers, before closing. She danced lightly on the ice, Roman Kostomarov, a Russian from Moscow, lightly mocked gravity and played with speed, challenging the cold of the slabs and its hardness. And, on the other hand, she has won everything possible and imaginable in the career lived together with Tatiana Navka – a pair of champions – succeeding in the prodigy of collecting a gold medal at the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006, two golds at the World in 2004 and 2005 and three at the European Championships between 2004 and 2006. Instead, today, Kostomarov looks at his 46th birthday from the edge of his life, swinging on the ledge and resisting resisting resisting the advance of martyrdom, suffering, pain. The medical reports are frightening: affected by bilateral pneumonia in January, Kostomarov, due to his critical condition, now he has suffered two strokes as well as the amputation of his feet and some fingers. “There was a cerebral hemorrhage, a large hematoma formed,” the doctors at the Kommunarka hospital in Moscow confided.


And unfortunately, that’s not enough. He articulated Dr. Anna Korobkina, a nephrologist at the Israeli Hadassah Medical Center, linked to the Kommunarka hospital: «The process of disintegration of all Kostomarov’s organs has begun. Considering the seriousness of the situation, there is most likely a general failure of multiple organs, including renal failure. The edema in the kidneys was the result of many serious disturbances in the body.’ The body crumbles, the organs crumble, life yields and bends, curved under the weight of the implacable disease – and it is a breaking latest news that borders on granguinolesque, while the causes of a similar deterioration are sought and someone traces them in the temperature – truly polar – in which the golden skater lived for so many years.

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He has dedicated a life to ice, Roman, and precisely the ice now he takes it away enough – quickly to make him suffer, not so quickly to kill him – entrusting it to the technical precision of the machines for a ferry that the family does not know whether to hope for lasting or very short. Yet the wife Oksana Domnina, in the past weeks, she also showed a certain optimism on the results of her husband’s treatments. And, on February 8, on Roman’s birthday, she wrote on social media: «Happy birthday my hero, my champion in everything. I am proud of you, we will overcome everything and face everything ». Roman Kostomarov retired from competitive activity shortly after the Turin Olympics, where he also challenged the Italian couple formed by Barbara Fusar Poli and Maurizio Margaglio, but continued to follow his passion for ice dancing, participating in shows and exhibitions . Dashing on the blades, along the white tracks of the ice, he encountered pneumonia which turned out to be, in the drama of the darkest hour, a slap stronger than a fall on the snow. Kostomarov will fight and react, trusting in science and beyond. But everything and everything, in any case, will be elegant – like a dance step.

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