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ANALYSIS. Stef Wijnants: “Tobe Leysen kept like Courtois in the Champions League final”

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Analysis Stef Wijnants

STVV drew 1-1 against Oud-Heverlee Leuven on Saturday evening. The visitors mainly owe that point to their goalkeeper Tobe Leysen (ex-KRC Genk), according to our in-house analyst Stef Wijnants.

“I have a message for Jan Mulder, who said in the past that a goalkeeper is actually an unnecessary player. Then I hope he saw Tobe Leysen’s match. How one man held out against eleven: the goalkeeper’s role was decisive in STVV-OHL. Leuven cannot say that it defended well. It gave away five or six open chances with those ten men. But every time there was Tobe. What Leysen showed was like Thibaut Courtois in the CL final against Liverpool.”

Last pass

“There is a different feeling at STVV compared to the 1-1 against Eupen, for example. Then they conceded a late equalizer, now it was different. The only thing you can complain about is that the last pass may not have been clean enough. Anyway, if players who are better at this were all at STVV, Sint-Truiden would be firmly in a play-off 1 position. “

“Shouldn’t STVV have been in that play-off 1? Because it does add up, of course, the matches where you have the feeling that more could be achieved. However, Fink remains realistic. He looks at it differently and is satisfied that he is eight points ahead of thirteenth place.”

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