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Ancelotti: 55 red cards in 14 rounds: La Liga is now much uglier than other leagues – yqqlm

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Ancelotti: 55 red cards in 14 rounds: La Liga is now much uglier than other leagues – yqqlm

Original title: Ancelotti: 55 red cards in 14 rounds La Liga is now a lot uglier than other leagues

Ancelotti: 55 red cards in 14 rounds La Liga is now a lot uglier than other leagues

Real Madrid coach Ancelotti speaks to DAZN after the game against Cadiz

In the last battle before the World Cup, Real Madrid won a key victory, but in the last 10 minutes Real Madrid encountered strong resistance again. Is this what you expected?

I think we played well until the 81st minute, when Modric could score one, but that’s normal, at the last minute the opponents started to press and they scored a goal and we had some unnecessary trouble. But we deserved the 3 points, and Real Madrid also had a good ending in the first stage.

Modric didn’t get in the empty door. Did you ask him what happened after the game?

It’s nothing, maybe a little distracted at the time (laughs), but Croatia’s roster has also come out, I believe this empty goal will not affect his participation in the World Cup.

Cadiz defender Farri fouled Rodrigo during the game, did you see that?

Yes,He should have punched Rodrigo. I didn’t see it on the sidelines, but I saw the video, and I thought it was a serious violation.

Asensio was replaced halfway through, what happened? Also, is this World Cup offseason good news for Real Madrid?

Yes, that’s good news, because there’s nothing to do during the suspension. The game was a bit tight and the result was a bit daunting, but we finished the first stage of the season.

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Now on to the break and second in the league with 35 points, which is a good result considering our Ballon d’Or winner has been sidelined for a long time, scoring 50 goals last season.

As for Asensio, there was some fatigue, so we let him off the pitch to avoid taking risks.

The turf at the Bernabeu still doesn’t look better. Have you and the club reported this?

Yes, I’m sure the clubs will handle this during the World Cup suspension. The quality of the turf at the Bernabeu has always been good and I believe it will be handled properly this time around.

In the game, Vinicius was under the heavy care of his opponent again. Are you worried that the player’s mentality will get out of control and be sent off?

I think Vinicius has handled and controlled these issues fairly well, and I believe it’s pretty good. In the past few games, Vinicius has been fouled many times, but the players control it well.

I saw a statistic yesterday that I felt compelled to mention: La Liga is the league with the most red cards in the five major leagues, 55, and the Premier League has only 10 in total.Of course, today, Farri’s move against Rodrigo, I think it should be a red card.

But many times,A lot of red cards are unnecessary. It completely affects the excitement of the game. I think La Liga is much uglier than other leagues. 55 red cards, this is just a few rounds of the league.. I think this data means a lot.

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I think so many red cards affect the game, I saw a league game yesterday where it was 9 on 11, which is not football. Of course, there were a lot of obvious fouls, like Borja’s red card in the Sevilla derby, Rakitic’s red card yesterday…

But I think it’s still prudent to issue a red card.Yesterday, Sevilla vs. Real Sociedad became 9 on 11. It is no longer a game. If I were a fan, I would have changed the channel directly yesterday.. I don’t want to criticize anyone, but this data is the truth.

I hope to bring this up because it has affected La Liga. Originally, La Liga was very beautiful, and many excellent teams hoped to play well, but now the balance between penalties and cards, I think there is some re-evaluation.

With more than a month of offseason, how are you going to arrange it?

I think we have good news today, that is, we got 3 points, we continue to chase the top spot, and after the press conference, I think we can get a good night’s sleep. After that, players without World Cup assignments started resting until December 1st, after which we’ll see if there will be some warm-up games scheduled.

Players participating in the World Cup will have a 10-day vacation after the completion of the World Cup mission. The latest should be the end of the World Cup on December 18, and then on December 30, they can play in the league with Valladolid as normal.

Are you ready to watch the World Cup? After Italy is out, do you have a favorite team for this World Cup?

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There is no doubt that I will watch the World Cup because I like football, this World Cup will be very interesting, there are no obvious favorites, of course, as long as Real Madrid players are my home team. For example, Brazil, Spain, Uruguay, Croatia, Germany, this World Cup should be very exciting, very unlucky, Italy has no chance this time.Return to Sohu, see more


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