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Andrés Guardado: ‘America is great in our country’

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Andrés Guardado: ‘America is great in our country’

Andrés Guardado Recognizes América’s Greatness Ahead of Match Against León

After recent comparisons between América and European powerhouses, Mexican soccer star Andrés Guardado has acknowledged the greatness of the Mexican institution. However, Guardado emphasized that this recognition should not give América a greater relevance in the league.

Looking ahead to the upcoming match between León and the current champion América this Saturday, Guardado admitted that his opponent has earned a place but emphasized the team’s need for points. With La Fiera currently in 13th position in the general table, the match against América has particular relevance.

Guardado commented at a press conference, “You dress a little more because you are América, it gives you a plus, and if we do well it can be a watershed. Ajax is the big team of their country, América is our country. They also say that it is the Real Madrid of Mexico, but we should not be scared either.”

He further added, “I am not going to downplay the importance of a team that has earned the right to be a great team, and what it represents for the Mexican. At an individual level, it does not represent any difference, as if it were facing anyone else. It is the most special game to date, but because we are in need of points.”

With Guardado’s recognition of América’s status, the upcoming match promises to be an exciting clash as both teams aim to secure crucial points in the league standings.

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