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Annoyed that the new employer offends his old employer, Lukaku, who is unobstructed, walks to a crossroads

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Annoyed that the new employer offends the old employer, Lukaku, who is unobstructed, walks to a crossroadsFly into the homes of ordinary people

Lukaku caught in controversy over improper speech

Because of the recurrence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the European Football League in recent weeks has inevitably been affected in terms of the number of games and the intensity of the confrontation. The quality of the game has declined slightly, and off-court news can naturally attract more attention. Recently, Chelsea forward Lukaku, who did not often appear in the side news before, became the king of football topics because of a speech.

Loyalty or benefit?

The cause of the incident was that Lukaku accepted an interview with a British TV station without telling the Chelsea club, and said bluntly: “I hope to return to Inter Milan at the peak of my career.” It was this “word from the bottom of the heart” that brought this powerful striker on the court to the crossroads of his career.

Lukaku while playing for Inter Milan

In this round of the League Cup, Chelsea played against Tottenham at home. Although Lukaku entered the starting lineup, as long as he got the ball, fans from the Blues and Tottenham camps would boo huge at the same time. Lukaku could only hit back with a gesture of shutting up. What made him sad was that the Nerazzurri fans did not appreciate his favor, because in the eyes of many people, “Lu Yuanwai” left Milan City at the beginning. , Just because Chelsea gave a higher treatment, and now hit a wall in Xinhuan, want to look back to the old love, this is a proper “scumbag” behavior.

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In all fairness, Inter Milan fans really have a reason not to see Lukaku. Last summer, the Nerazzurri’s poor economic situation showed the utmost sincerity that they could show. They wanted to keep the champion team members and even rejected Chelsea twice. Buying with generous quotations. But in the face of high salaries at their fingertips, the Belgian did not miss the old kindness at all, and repeatedly stated that he had decided to leave, even to the team’s coach Inzaghi’s office to express his willingness to leave. You must know that when he arrived in Milan at the beginning of the year, Lukaku stated that he would give everything for the Nerazzurri. He was so unbelievable. He jumped repeatedly between profit and loyalty and scored a lot of goals on the green field of the Belgian Warcraft. It is time to reflect on it carefully and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Adapt or escape?

From the smugness when he came to London last summer to the bleak cloud today, Lukaku’s mood was ups and downs like riding a roller coaster in about half a year. He was once a striker named and asked to bring in by Tuchel, but because Inadequate adaptability to the new tactical system and want to go back. The Belgian now has two paths in front of him: take the initiative to change and adapt to the coach’s requirements, or continue to escape and wait for an opportunity to transfer.

Lukaku (left) and Tuchel

Looking at Lukaku’s career so far, apart from having a good life under Martinez and Conte, he was struggling at other times, and his psychological endurance was not strong enough, which often caused him to encounter setbacks. , Trapped in an isolated environment that is hostile to everyone. Mourinho, who led Lukaku to the UEFA Europa League, once commented that the Belgian “only when he becomes the core can he perform at his own level.” Na and Havertz are in good form, plus Pulisic, Mount and Jorginho who played bravely in the European Championships. The offensive methods are slightly monotonous. It is difficult to enjoy the stars in Italy. The treatment of “the inside and outside is not human” can also be seen as a concentrated explosion of emotions.

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“I am a Chelsea player, and I will continue to dedicate my energy to this great club, and I will also apologize to the fans who are sad because of the previous remarks.” In the latest video released by the Blues, Lukaku was under pressure from all walks of life. Fu Ruan apologized, and he also had a grudge against Tuchel, but in the depths of his unpredictable heart, it was impossible to determine whether it would leave a scar because of it. The only thing that is clear is that if the Belgian striker does not make any changes, I am afraid that he will be excluded from the main force frame by the German iron coach. In the context of many clubs tightening money, he is still taller than the sky. There is not much back. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Lu Weixin)

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