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Another kind of leadership: “With more female participation, society would develop faster”

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Another kind of leadership: “With more female participation, society would develop faster”

“I am convinced that if our society had wider female participation, would have a much faster level of development.” Word of Tinny Andreattavice president of Content Italy of Netflix, participating in a meeting with Agnese Pinidirector in charge of Qn – La Nazione, Il giorno, Il Resto del Carlino -, which took place during the first day of “Another kind of leadership”, the workshop organized by Cinecittà and Archivio Luce in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and curated by Clare Sbarigiapresident of Cinecittà.

The conference “Another genre of leadership” – scheduled in Rome on 2 and 3 February – aims to give visibility, relevance and perspective to female leadership: an opportunity to think more deeply about the future and relationship between generationsto build a new vision, far from gender stereotypes.

A moment of the conference “Another genre of Leadership” which was also attended by Agnese Pini, director of Qn

Tinny Andreatta told the his professional experience, the difficulties encountered, the goals achieved. On the front of women’s quotas, you observed that “from a legislative point of view there is a lot to do”. According to Andreatta, another aspect that “is not taken into sufficient consideration is humanism, that is, the human being in its entirety”. And she explains: “I’m taking the New Zealand premier as an example: a young 37-year-old woman who made some important choices and then made the gesture of leaving. Considering that good politics is made not of entrenchments, but of needs, of moments, of opportunities, of merit that is conquered and which can then also be abandoned is a great example for all of us”. Andretta then concluded her speech with an encouragement for the new generations: “We must be vigilant, be very careful because unfortunately the path to emancipation is not always linear. I want to tell women, new generations of women, that we can do everything”.

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Another kind of leadership

During the two days in Rome, directors of cultural institutions, scientists, journalists, leaders of the world of fashion, cinema, architecture and research meet and talk to discuss the aspects that characterize the professionalism of women and to create a shared story on women’s business culture, following three key points: Space, Merit, Care.

The conference poster
The conference poster

Lo “space” is understood in a material, historical and symbolic sense: which spaces are open for women and which ones are still closed; how they move between the private, public and professional spaces.

Il merit: the conference aims to reflect on how difficulty levels and types linked to the recognition of merit are structural and environmental, but the goal is also to reflect on how build languagefeelings and common sense on the merit of womenvaluing business work and delivering new self-feelings and models to the future world.

Finally the “treatment“, the central theme of this conference alongside that of leadership precisely because often these two concepts, despite being two fundamental elements of women’s work, are also two conditions historically kept divided and in two alternative spaces, the private and the public one. While care, understood as a feminine quality and a form of ‘attention’ (to the quality of relationships, work environments, or affections, for example), is the direction of professional projects, public and institutional are aspects that need to be courageously brought together, above all when talking about the work planned and carried out by women; to understand and unmask stereotypes (in terms of gender disparity), and to get used to the normality of a world thought of as being directed and ‘cared for’ also by women.

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“I created this conference – declared the president of Cinecittà, Chiara Sbarigia – for rethinking the narrative of the feminine in proactive terms, giving visibility and value to those women who have embodied one with their success stories new self-awareness and a different way of guiding creative and cultural processes. All this is to give a new meaning to a traditionally deserted landscape of female presences, and to demonstrate, with these bright professional stories, that women can hold positions of power without having to adapt to male models”.

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