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Antonio Pennacchi, the worker who became a writer, died at the age of 71 – breaking latest news

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Latina – It is died Writer Antonio Pennacchi, 71 years old, winner of the Strega Prize in 2010. He accused a sudden illnessprobably a heart attack while he was in his home in Latina, while he was talking on the phone. The wife immediately called for help but there was nothing to be done.

Plumes, former worker with a degree in Literature at the Spaienza in Rome, he began his career as a writer in the 90s. His most successful work is’Canale Mussolini ‘, novel about reclamation of the Agro Pontino which earned him the Strega Award 2010. A book with strong autobiographical features, for him a descendant of settlers who arrived in Lazio precisely to reclaim those lands. And strongly autobiographical it is ‘The fascist communist’, a 2003 novel in which he retraces his troubled political militancy, which began with theMsi then go to the left, come on maosti of the 1968 movement al Psi and then al Pci. From ‘Il Beam Communist’ was taken in 2007 on film by Daniele Lucchetti ‘My brother is an only child’, with Elio Germano, Riccardo Scamarcio and Luca Zingaretti.

A free and often counter-current thinker, Pennacchi has also had various ‘phases’ in his union life: enrolled in the CGIL, he was expelled and then enrolled in the Uil, which he left to enroll again in the CGIL from which he was expelled for the second time.

Among the first messages of condolence for the death of Antonio Pennacchi, that of the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti: “He leaves us a great writer, a free, frank and irreverent intellectual. He has told a piece of our land and our history with great passion”. Damiano Coletta, mayor of the Pontine capital, said that “Latina loses a man who told the story of our city and was able to make it within the reach of the entire country”.

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