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Apu, an iron triptych arrives to understand what you really are worth

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Udine on Sunday away with Treviglio the only team to beat it this season, then moved to Piacenza and challenge at Carnera with Pistoia triumphant in the Super Cup

UDINE. After the start in the championship, the time for confirmation arrives for the Apu Old Wild West.

The first three days have yielded a tally of six points, but in all honesty it must be admitted that the calendar offered a soft start to the bianconeri, who have faced three significantly lower teams.

Assigeco, Casale Monferrato and Biella, with all due respect, have no staff capable of worrying a solid and talented team like the one from Udine. The triptych of upcoming races, against Treviglio, Bakery Piacenza and Pistoia, is certainly more challenging and reserves the first real traps of the A2 Green group.

The challenge scheduled for Sunday at PalaFacchetti in Treviglio puts APU in front of the only team capable of beating it this season, friendlies and summer tournaments included.

The Super Cup semi-final played in Lignano Sabbiadoro still cries out for revenge: the Udine blackout in the second half is still inexplicable. The desire to redeem that defeat will give Boniciolli’s men extra motivation, while Treviglio shows up for the appointment with slightly deflated tires: only one success so far in the championship, on Sunday in Piacenza (on the Assigeco side) an unexpected collapse arrived.
Sunday 31 October Antonutti and his teammates will face the second away match in eight days, visiting Bakery Piacenza, another team with a lower yield than expected (two points in three races) but to be taken with a lot of pliers.

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First of all because on the home court he is able to make himself dangerous, second because he has a very well matched pair of Americans: Nik Raivio and Anthony Morse are expert players of the second national league and offer safe performance.

A completely different pasta than the impalpable US seen at work against the APU in this first part of the tournament.
The challenging triptych will end on Saturday 6 November, when the Tesi Group Pistoia will arrive at Carnera. The Tuscans can show off a respectable business card: they won the first official trophy of the season, the A2 Super Cup with Final Eight held in Lignano.

Of the three next rivals of the bianconeri, this is the best match: two away wins and only one stop, at the hands of the battleship Cantù. The Pistoia team is from medium-high play-offs, also in this case it will be good to keep the attention high for the whole 40 minutes.

The bar of difficulties is therefore about to rise, on the sixth day it will be possible to draw the first sums and understand if this Apu Old Wild West is ready to play the role of the favorite for the promotion that many assign it.

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